Valentine’s Day Cupcakes




Red hearts, chocolate hearts, roses and raspberries. These would be the keywords to describe my Valentines Cupcakes I made this weekend. So light, so creamy, so dreamy….. I only made a few though, and apparently not enough, because the family was demanding for more.

M y little daughter helped me making the red roses from sugar paste, she made one just by herself after watching me closely. Like mother like daughter! She definitely takes after me, but to be fair, my older daughter loves crafting just the same.
To make these beauties, I baked feather-light raspberry cupcakes and frosted with cream cheese icing. Really, really yummy! I wanted my cake to be red-and-white, like really popping red and bright white, but I just learned a lesson, which I kinda knew already, that you can not bake WHITE cake. Not in a natural way, anyway. I put white sugar instead of brown (and if you know me, you know that I use brown sugar like 99% of the time), and I put white food color in the batter (like a lot), and I baked on very low heat, and for a shorter amount of time, and my cake were still not white enough. And they never will be, I will just have to except it. I used some white food color in the icing too, and that actually worked, so at least the topping was nice and bright white.


125 gr unsalted butter, room temperature
1 cup white caster sugar
1+1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup whole milk
2 eggs, room temperature
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
300 gr fresh raspberries
pinch of salt
For the icing:
250 gr Mascarpone cream cheese
300 ml double cream
powder sugar, depending on your personal taste (I only used 1/2 cup)
white food color, optional
Preheat your oven. In a bowl, mix the flour with the salt and baking powder. Divide the baking cases in the baking pan.
In a larger bowl, cream together the butter and the caster sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs and the vanilla, mix well, then add in the flour mixture and the milk. Mix on low speed only until everything is incorporated. Throw in the raspberries and fold using only a large spoon. I didn’t want to crush the raspberries, so I mixed it very gently and only for few seconds.
Divide the batter evenly in the cupcake pan using an ice cream scoop only 3/4 way. Bake for about 18-20 minutes, then remove from the oven and let them cool a little before you transfer the cupcakes to cool completely on a wire rack.
In a bowl, cream the cream cheese with the powder sugar gradually adding the double cream too. If you have more raspberries, you can add some to the icing, it will make it pink and will taste very good!
P.S..I am very excited to announce that now I have my own App  which you can find on Play Store under the name Beautiful Cakes on your phone. I would appreciate any comments on this, weather you could find it easy or not and of course what do you think about it. I will probably come back to this post and edit this section should I have to change anything in the App (…well, that would be my husband, he designed the app and made it work…). Thank you!
Here’s the link:

Frozen Winter Forest Cake – my traditional Christmas Chocolate Truffle Cake




This Christmas I made once again my traditional Christmas cake, which is a chocolate truffle heaven! We just loved this one so much after I made it for the first time few years ago, that I kept on with it every Christmas ever since. The only difference I make is the decoration and presentation each year.







1 cup water
5 Tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)
2,5 cup all purpose flour
1 cup brown sugar
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 little natural yogurt (without any flavour)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
200 gr butter (unsalted)
1 tsp almond extract (this time I actually put 2 tsp and I loved the more intense almond taste)
juice squeezed from 1/4 orange
100 gr good quality dark chocolate roughly chopped
Ganache cream:
600 ml double cream
150 g white chocolate +150 g to decorate the cake
You need to prepare the cream on the previous day of baking. In order to do this you need to pour the double cream into a pan, put it on the stove. Chop 150 g white  chocolate in small pieces and stir in the cream until its melted. Make sure it’s not boiling, it only needs to get warm enough until the chocolate melts in. When it’s done, put it aside to cool completely, then put it in the fridge for the night or at least 6 hours.
Preheat your oven. Put the water, cocoa powder and butter in a pan and stirring it, bring it to boil on the stove, then put it aside to cool down.
Mix the flour, salt, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. Stir in the water with the butter and chocolate, add the eggs, vanilla extract, almond extract, orange juice, yogurt, and finally the chopped chocolate. Stir everything just only until all is combined.
Grease and line (the bottoms only) the tins with baking paper. Lately I like to use 4-5 large, disposable paper baking cases, because this way I can bake each layer separately, and there is no need to cut before filling. I love it! My cases are roughly 6-7″  diameter at the base, I divided the batter into 5 layers, so my cake ended up nice and tall, just how I like it.
Pour the batter evenly into the cake tins and bake for about 30 minutes. Take it out from the oven then leave to cool in the tins completely before filling your cake.
With an electric mixer beat the white chocolate cream and fill the cake. I put generous amount of cream on each layer, and I covered the cake with the remaining filling, just enough to keep the white chocolate pieces stacked to the sides.
Melt 150 g white chocolate, then spread it thinly and evenly on kitchen foil. Put it in the freezer on a flat surface for 10-15 minutes until completely hardens back again. Take it out from the freezer and brake the chocolate in strips. It doesn’t have to be even, because this way will look more like sharp ice which is the whole idea behind it, kind of a frozen winter forest…



Baumkuchen -German Tree Cake


Hi, and Happy New Year to all of YOU! I am starting this year with a German cake, which I came across few weeks ago. Although this is a cake usually made around Christmas, I left the baking to the new year, simply because we had enough to eat sweet and salty as well, and thought it would be a nice start to 2018. I loved making this! It needs a special equipment, which only professional bakeries have, but I found an adapted version to make it at home. I need to say up front that I have never tasted this cake before, or seen it either, so eating it I couldn’t decide whether it was how it’s supposed to be, but it was good nonetheless. And the bonus is that my kids liked it too, even though this recipe calls for Rum. But it also calls for marzipan, cinnamon, chocolate…, what’s there NOT to like, right?





Funny thing that when I first saw this recipe, I didn’t pay too much attention to it, then I clicked away and forgot the name of it. Except for the German part. So, when weeks later I decided I want to make it, I had some trouble finding it again. I searched Google for “Buchen Kuchen”, which was completely wrong, but after some time and deeper digging I finally got the name right and found the lost recipe again. Of course it wasn’t Buchen Kuchen, but Baumkuchen, or German Tree Cake instead.






-200 g butter, room temperature
-150 g caster sugar
-150 g golden marzipan, cut into small pieces
-8 eggs, separated
-250 ml double cream
-60 ml dark Rum
-1+ half tsp ground cinnamon
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-140 g self raising flour
-100 g cornflour
-100 g dark chocolate
-150 ml double cream
-2 Tbsp dark Rum
-15 g butter
-sprinkle candies to decorate
Cream together the butter and sugar until light and creamy. Add the marzipan and whisk into the butter mixture. Add the egg yolks and whisk in. Add the double cream, dark Rum, ground cinnamon, vanilla and a pinch of salt and whisk to make a smooth batter.
Sift in the flour and cornflour until everything incorporated.
In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks then fold into the batter by first taking a large spoonful of egg white and beating it in, to loosen, then folding in the rest gently, a spoonful at a time, trying not to knock out all the air.
Butter the base and central spindle of a 25cm round, flat-bottomed ring pan. Put two large spoonfuls of batter into the pan and spread out with a silicon pastry brush, or a spatula, into a very thin layer. You shouldn’t be able to see the base of the pan through the batter.
Bake under a hot grill for about 3-5 minutes until the top of the batter turns golden-brown. The cooking time will depend on many factors, such as how hot the grill is and how far the pan is from the grill, so watch carefully. Once the first layer is done you’ll have a good idea on timings for the rest. When the top is golden brown, carefully remove from the grill and put another two spoonfuls of batter on top. Spread them out in the same way, making sure that all the cake below is covered but keep the layers thin. Bake again, in the same way, and continue until all the batter is used. I got 13 layers this way, although this depends on the size of the pan and thickness of the batter. As the number of layers increases, the top of the cake will get nearer the grill and will cook faster, so watch very carefully towards the end.
Once finished, slide a knife round the edge of the pan to prevent sticking, and leave the cake in the pan to cool.
Remove the cooled cake from the pan and invert onto a cooling rack, putting foil or baking parchment underneath to catch drips later. I have seen several versions of decoration for this cake, mostly with only chocolate, I decided to make it colorful with the sprinkles.
Heat the chocolate, syrup, cream, Rum and butter in a saucepan until melted together into a smooth, glossy sauce. Pour the glaze over the top and sides of the cooled cake and leave to set. Drizzle with the sprinkles to decorate and leave to set.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes




December and Advent is upon us and to keep up the spirit, we made these simple Christmas Tree cupcakes on the weekend. I see all over social media that lots of people have put their Christmas trees already. We haven’t yet, but in a week or so we will do the same, especially that my youngest one is very anxious and inpatient about it.




-125 g butter, softened at room temperature
-1 cup brown sugar
-2 eggs
-1+1/3 cup flour
-1/3 cup milk
-2 teaspoon vanilla extract
-pinch of salt
-2 teaspoon baking powder
-600 ml whipped double cream
-150 g white chocolate
-green food colour
Preheat the oven. Line your cupcake pan with the cases.
In a bowl, use an electric mixer on high speed to cream the butter and sugar together until it’s light and fluffy. Add the eggs and mix well.
Add the vanilla, flour and milk, and beat with the electric mixer until combined, but be careful do not over-mix, because it will become dry and sort of a bread.
Use an ice cream scoop and divide the mixture evenly in your cupcake cases,  fill them only 3/4.
Bake them for around 20 minutes, half way through you can turn your tray in the oven, but don’t open the oven in the first 10 minutes of baking, this is important!
Take them out from the oven, and you can leave the cupcakes in the pan for about 5 minutes before you transfer them on a wire rack.
You need to prepare the cream on the previous day of baking. In order to do this you need to pour the cream into a pan, put it on the stove. Brake the chocolate in small pieces and stir in the cream until its melted. Make sure it’s not boiling, it only needs to get warm enough until the chocolate melts in. When it’s done, put it aside to cool completely, then put it in the fridge for the night or at least 6 hours. When it’s time to decorate just whip the cream. I separated in half and I tinted one half with green food colour. 



This is a very easy cupcake recipe, perfect for a cosy afternoon bake with the kids. I frosted them with white and green coloured white chocolate cream, and we add the sugar baubles one by one to look like a decorated Christmas tree. My daughter was a bit disappointed that we didn’t put more sugar on them, so I let her decorate a few where there were no requirements, and as you imagine, she kinda poured half a bottle of sprinkles on top of each cupcake.
viber image1

Warning: Cake Ahead! -I caught a flying Witch on my cake today…

Despite the warning signs, this careless flying Witch smashed into my carrot cake….Bang! Kids loved it 🙂
I saw a similar cake on Pinterest and that gave me the idea. It is more fun than spooky, which I liked.
I baked a four layer carrot cake with lots of hearty spices and roasted pecan nuts, and filled with simple white chocolate ganache. I like different variation of creams with my carrot cake, this time I just made the kids favourite, the white chocolate.  The recipe for the carrot cake you can find here, and the recipe for the white chocolate ganache is here  Easter Carrot Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and the recipe for the white chocolate ganache is here White Chocolate Birthday Cake
At the background of the cake I framed a photo of the kids taken a couple of weeks ago to celebrate this season. They had no make-up on, I played with an editing software to make it fit for Halloween.

Baileys Tiramisu Cookie Cake

I made this yesterday, and I blame my brother for it! He liked the video on Facebook, and it kept popping up on my news feed again, and again. When I saw it for the third time I new it was a sign, no more excuses, I had to make it.
Here is my version. I asked permission to post the video on my blog, and once I get it, I will share it with you. I made two cakes, the small one is made with Gluten Free cookies for my husband and his friend. They should be alright with the small cake, but the large one on the other hand is for me and my friend 🙂 Girls need more cake, right?
And what about the kids? Uhm….well, kids have no busines around this cake this time! Sorry, babies….
-chocolate chip cookies
-600 ml double cream
-250 g Mascarpone cream cheese
-1 Tbsp sugar
-1 Tbsp cocoa powder
-1 Tbsp instant coffee
-2 tsp vanilla extract
In a bowl add the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, 100 ml Baileys, double cream and whip until you reach a thick and fluffy consistency. 
Take out half of the cream in another bowl. Add the cocoa powder and the coffee.
Dip the cookies in a bowl with Baileys (200-300 ml), don’t let them soak for long. Place a layer in your springform pan. Spread a layer of cream which contains cocoa and coffee. Top with the second layer of cookies which you previously dipped in Baileys. This time spread the white cream on the cookies. Finish it off with another layer of cocoa cream then finally with the remaining white cream.
Put in the fridge and leave it there for overnight.

White Chocolate and Wild Blueberry Cheesecake



Wanted to do something new. Wanted to do something easy.
I made these cheesecake with dark chocolate digestive biscuits, and melted white chocolate, and if I would have stopped here with the ingredients my kids would have probably eat them before me having a chance to look at them, but, since I haven’t stopped there, and went on adding wild blueberries and lemon zest, the story took another turn 🙂 They took a bite, and that was it. They quite frankly told me they hated it. There, right in my face, and even my husband didn’t really like it.
What can I say, I had mini cheesecake in my fridge all just for me. After a bit of disappointment, I realized that I can have a little cake for breakfast, one for lunch, then one after lunch, then the same for next day without the fear that it will all suddenly disappear in a blink of an eye.

Caramel and Chocolate Chips Cupcakes


I had leftover caramel at home so I thought I’ll use it wisely. I whipped up a can of double cream and added the caramel, it resulted in a silky, smooth, thick cream, which went perfectly on top of my cupcakes. I usually bake with chocolate chips, but this time around I had dark chocolate chunks to spice up my vanilla cupcakes. To finish it off, I used mini chocolate swirls bought from Hungary. My kids were over the moon!








Summer Holiday Caramel Apple Cupcakes



Those who know me well, know that my most loved season is summer, and that if I could, I would live in a warm climate and very, very close to the beach. Ok, who am I kidding here, right ON the beach would be perfect! All day, every day!
Well, I’m not that lucky, but I’m lucky enough that I get to spend a nice summer holiday every year on the beach with the family, which I’m living for the rest of the year 🙂 Every September, when we’re back to school, I already start planning where are we going next summer, and for us this is even more special because my son (all men in the family, in fact: son, husband, brothers, father, grandfather, great grandfather and uncles!!!) -was born in August, and we are timing our annual beach holidays on his birthday. So, when you think of it, he is the real lucky guy here, because ever since he was born he spent each of his birthdays (7 so far) on a family holiday, usually by a pool or the sea, AND to top all this, he has had his birthdays in 7 different countries, a new country for each birthday so far!
So, to cut a long story short, I made these cupcakes remembering our lovely holiday in Croatia this year. The tiny flip-flops and umbrellas were non edible additions to the cupcakes, but the white seashells are. These are apple and vanilla cupcakes with caramel cream cheese icing. Caramel apples are so typical for the fall season, but looking at the decoration I used I still feel the ocean breeze, and the warm sun on my skin.