Luxurious Chocolate Mascarpone Cupcake


I didn’t know what name to pick for these cupcakes…they are everything a chocolate lover would wish for. I’m thinking…thinking, but all that comes to my mind is chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, mascarpone cream cheese, whipped cream, milk chocolate…. mix it all up and you get THIS sheer luxury on your plate.


I found these chocolate triangles at the store and bought it right away with the vision of a very chocolaty cupcake in my mind. I also had the Belgian chocolate sauce and the Hazelnut spread from a previous shopping. I baked my favourite vanilla cupcakes (Laura Vitale’s recipe) and started improvising.


I scooped about a teaspoon of cake out from each cupcake and filled the holes with a teaspoon of Hazelnut chocolate spread (I realized later that we didn’t take any pictures of the inside…). Since I had leftover mascarpone in my fridge I whipped that too with the double cream and Belgian chocolate sauce.


I saved some double cream and whipped it naturally without sugar to balance the sweetness of the chocolate cream, although it was not too sweet fortunately.




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