Minecraft Birthday Cake


This was a special request from one of my daughter’s friend. When he said he wants a Minecraft cake I told him OK, but frankly I had no idea what it was. I had to look up on the Internet to learn what is Minecraft šŸ™‚ So for those living in the dark like me: Minecraft is a computer game. For more details look up on Google yourself šŸ™‚


As usual this 8 year old friend of us asked for a chocolate cake and that’s what he got once again. I used milk chocolate and dark chocolate to make the cream (whipped double cream, not buttercream), then I covered first with a layer of Marzipan, then with chocolate fondant -which by the way is very delicious (I say this because I normally don’t like the taste of fondant).


Finally I covered most of the cake with coloured fondant mosaic. Oh, the mosaic…..let me just say that this cake took me a long time to finish, until I cut and placed each mosaic piece to the cake one by one….BUT it worth it! Those kids, specially the boys got very exciting about this cake, they loved it so much, and that was my real appreciation which works every time with me! šŸ™‚



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