Ombre Violet Cake with Wild Blueberry Buttercream for Mothers Day




Violet or purple? Purple or violet???  I had to look up to see the difference in definition, but couldn’t say that I know better. I think the colour of my cake is violet though, as seems that purple is more red-ish, so I go for violet, but correct me if I’m wrong.




I made this tiny cake using violet food colour. I baked the three layers separately, and tinted the batter in different proportions to get the ombre effect. First, I thought that the darker shade would be too dark, it looked more black at some point, and only when I cut into it I started to relax seeing the nice, deep violet colour, and it was not black.




The cake is not a sponge cake, is my yummy vanilla cake recipe with French butter and vanilla extract, only this time I used white sugar instead of brown, because I wanted to have a light coloured batter which can be tinted to the desired colour.



I made buttercream this time, which is also not my usual cake filling, but I wanted different. I mixed Wild Blueberry jam in my buttercream to add flavour, but I applied a layer of jam on top of each cake layer, too -which, Hello! -it really isn’t my style of making cake, but as I said, I wanted different 🙂












Blueberries & White Chocolate Chips Cupcakes for Mothers Day


Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely Mums out there!


I made a small batch of these for today, well actually yesterday, because we went out today and have had a lovely Mothers Day lunch with my husband and the kids.




Wanted something fresh and light, and these cupcakes were just that. Filled with giant, juicy blueberries and white chocolate chips, and topped with whipped cream infused with freshly crushed blueberries.



I used my basic vanilla recipe and just added 200 gr blueberries and 100 gr chocolate chips, very easy and very delicious.
In Hungary Mothers Day is not on the same day as in the UK, it’s usually later in April. Last year I made cupcakes only for the Hungarian Mothers Day, but then I forgot to post it 🙂
In Hungary Mothers Day is not on the same day as in the UK, it’s usually later at the beginning of May.  I remember my very first Mothers Day in 2007. My daughter war born on the 30th of April, and we just got home from the hospital back in Budapest, and people started to congratulate me and wish me happy Mothers Day at the same time. Oh, those magical times…..
Last year I made cupcakes only for the Hungarian Mothers Day, but then I forgot to post it 🙂
So, I am sharing those cupcakes with you today. I used fresh roses to decorate those and the cute silicone flower pot cupcake cases. I remember that they were dark chocolate topped with pink whipped cream.


Rosewater Cupcakes Decorated with Real Roses


Again, a very simple cupcake recipe, but with an extra touch on the decoration, which makes all the difference!


Bake a basic vanilla cupcake, BUT instead of using Vanilla essence use Rosewater…


Use any basic cupcake liners, BUT after baking use a nice cupcake wrapper. I used mine, that I made from cardboard paper bought from the Hobby Craft. Make sure the colours are matching…


No need to make fancy cupcake toppers and decorations, just GO OUT and pick some wild roses, preferably the tiniest you can find…and VOILA!


Petit Fours or Mignons as others would call it for Mother’s Day


I always thought these are called Mignons until recently when I found out that Petit Fours is much more commonly used.

I made them for the coming Mother’s Day. Yeah, actually I made them before Mother’s Day but this is irrelevant for me as my mother lives so far from us and I won’t see her on Mother’s  Day anyway, so why wait? 🙂 And another reason was that I was very anxious to try out covering cakes with melted fondant. This is why I choose to make these tiny Petit Fours.


I can say now that melting the fondant in the microwave works fine although in my case I need to improve a little because the coating wasn’t perfect.


I didn’t bake it but bought an Angel Cake -well, it was more like Angel Cake pieces in a box. You know, upper half pink sponge, bottom half white sponge sandwiched together with vanilla butter cream….Easy to make it yourself but I was too tired to bake this weekend. I cut the cake pieces in even smaller pieces then poured the soft, melted light blue fondant icing on them over a cooling rack. Before they got completely dry I placed the fondant flowers that I previously made last week.


Mother’s Day cupcakes

Mother's Day cupcakes

I wanted to start posting my cakes with this one which you can see on my Header as well. I’ve made these for Mother’s Day. It is a simple vanilla cake with chestnut and cream frosting, which is our family favorite. Too bad that my own Mother could not tasted it, or smell it as she lives quite far from the UK. But, I showed her the pictures and she loved it 🙂