Tweet Tweet Little Bird -3rd Birthday Party



My little one turns 3 within a week and we invited her closest friends to celebrate her birthday this last Saturday. They were little, they were sweet, they were chit-chatting, tweeting just like little birds, a delight to have them in the house for a couple of hours.
We made small bird houses from cardboard paper and little fluffy birds from pompoms and colourful feathers. I found a free bird house template online which worked perfectly and was just the right size. The only fault is that there was no roof top to this template but was no trouble to make one. I made like 20 little bird houses to hang on our decorative tree before the party. During this activity we were listening to real bird songs which made us feel like we are in the middle of an enchanted forest with lots and lots of species of birds.
After this the girls had a snack and we cut the birthday cake at the end as well.
I tried to make everything to resemble the birthday theme. Made white chocolate cookies in shape of birds and No.3. This time I iced the cookies with royal icing. It is much easier to work on cookies with royal icing than last time when I used a different icing (sugar and milk), and the final result is pretty but when it comes to eat these cookies, I think that royal icing is a bit too hard.
My Mum is visiting as at the moment, so she and my older daughter joined me to make the little wafer bird houses. It was much fun to do them. I even tried to draw faces with edible ink on the tiny jelly bean birds, but I gave up eventually 🙂 We glued the wafer pieces together with melted white candy chocolate.
Speaking of candy melts, I made each girl a chocolate flower and wrapped them individually in little cellophane bags. We gave them the chocolate flowers before they left home together with their party bags.
We served small ham and cheese sandwiches, sweetcorn, tiny bite size pastry canapeés filled with tuna, salted hula hops -just to have something savory along the sweet deserts.
Finally they had vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate cream, topped with cute birds cupcake toppers, and the chocolate birthday cake.
The cake first had a layer of marzipan, then white fondant, covered all around with various colours, styles and size of tiny bird houses, which I made from fondant. I absolutely loved making them.



“Taylor Swift” Birthday Party





It was my oldest daughter’s 9th birthday on Saturday, and we decided to celebrate it in STYLE of Taylor Swift. We went for Taylor’s famous RED lips and for her also famous “Not a lot going on at the moment” outfit from the clip 22. The girls (my girl and her two best friends) are not even half the age, but they’re sure feeling 22… 🙂

She dressed up and we made a few photos a weak before the party to make a suitable invitation for her friends.







It was fun putting together this little party, and it was great fun being around and watching them. My daughter has two very good friends, who couldn’t have more different personalities, yet they got along together so well during the day, and they certainly enjoyed every minute of it.






They first did a little dancing and singing, then they solved a puzzle. They had to put the words in order to get the correct song titles. After this we went out for lunch, but then got back to the house to attack the desert table.






After having some cake and sweets, the girls decorated white canvas trainers with fabric markers. Naturally, they got to keep the trainers as a party favour along with a Taylor Swift CD and a bright red lipstick each. They were thrilled!










My daughter wanted a chocolate cake with a little puppy -which is totally non-Taylor Swift, but hey, that’s what she asked for, and that’s what she got. So, here is my very first marzipan puppy.






The desert table was all pretty colourful with a touch of vintage retro, which suited Taylor Swift style very well. I baked sugar cookies in the shape of large lips and number 9. I also made candy pops, which literally were candies and not cake pops. I covered candy lolly pops in melted chocolate and sprinkled over colourful thousands sprinkles. They just went for it like crazy. I know they would like these better than cake pops.
I bought small bottles with cranberry and orange juice and washed off the original labels to put little pictures of my daughter dressed like Taylor Swift. I used the same small photos to wrap tiny chocolates.

Valentines Day Red Velvet Cheesecake for Two



Here’s my Valentines Day treat for the family, although we don’t care much about Valentines Day at all. Anyways, as red is one of my favourite colours I was happy to make something to suit this day.




Red velvet cake also fits perfectly, but since lately I was so much into cheesecakes, I thought of combining them into one desert.
This cheesecake though is a bit different from the others I made before. This one is a baked cheesecake, and has eggs as well.
Oh, and is really yummy!
For the base:
-2 pack of original Oreos biscuits
-50 gr melted butter
For the filling:
-3 pack light Mascarpone cream cheese
-lots of red food colour gel paste
-1 egg
-2 Tbsp sour cream
-1 cup white sugar
-4 Tbsp unsweetened Cocoa powder
-2 tsp vanilla extract
For the icing:
-300 ml double cream
-2 Tbsp powder sugar
Preheat the oven. Lightly grease the cheesecake pan with butter.
Crush the biscuits using a rolling pin or a food processor. In a bowl mix the biscuit
crumbs and the melted butter, then divide evenly in the mini cheesecake pan. With this recipe I got 10 mini cheesecakes of the size 3 inches in diameter. Press down the crust, then bake it for about 5 minutes.
In a large bowl beat the Mascarpone with powder sugar, adding the vanilla, sour cream, cocoa powder, red colour paste, finally the egg.
Fill the cheesecake pan evenly up to 3/4 full, and smooth the top. Bake for 15-20 minutes.
Let it cool in the pan completely, then cover with cling film and put in the fridge for overnight. Again, I had to argue with my husband about eating or not eating the cheesecakes before the night even started…..eventually I manged to keep him away until next morning.
Before serving, take them out form the fridge, and carefully push them out from the pan before putting any whipped cream on top.

Coconut and Pineapple Cheesecake



Here I bring you another cheesecake! As I said earlier, we love cheesecakes.



It is probably the most favourite type of desert within our family because it’s creamy, it’s moist, it’s rich, and cheesecake after cheesecake, there is always room for even more.




I like to experiment new flavours, and I might say that one of my new years resolution was to try as many new recipes and flavors as possible, because why stuck to the boring chocolates and vanillas, which are just as delicious by the way.
The idea to make these came after my last research for the Matcha recipes, and since I used coconut with the Matcha cheesecake, and it tasted so good, I wanted to use it again paired with something else. Coconut and pineapple seems to match really good, and I’ve seen lots of recipes.
This cheesecake is really easy to make, and I think it looks good in the crystal glasses.
To decorate, I made pineapple flowers. I have done them before few years ago and I think they look awesome, and of course totally edible.
-200 gr ginger biscuits
-50 gr melted butter
-thick coconut cream (about 3-4 Tbsp)
-250 gr mascarpone cream cheese
-300 ml double cream
-3-4 Tbsp powder sugar
-1 tsp vanilla essence
-200 gr pureed pineapple
Make the ginger biscuits into crumbs and stir in the melted butter. Divide evenly into the glasses (I only made 5 glasses), and put in the fridge to set.
Chop the pineapple into small cubes and transfer into a food processor to puree.
Beat the mascarpone cheese with the sugar, vanilla, then add gradually the pineapple puree, coconut and cream. Beat all together but not for long, only til gets fluffy but not stiff.
Scoop the cream on top of the biscuit base, then put it back to the fridge and leave it to set overnight.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2nd Birthday


My little baby girl turned 2 years old! So hard to believe…Finally I got a little time to post about her second birthday.


She is all about the little star twinkling in the well known nursery song. My girl doesn’t really talk (well she does, but on a special language that only she can understand and use, and I can confirm that is not Hungarian nor English 🙂 …) yet she started to sing this Twinkle Twinkle song a long time ago. I am certain that she will be a pretty good singer because she seems to get the music tunes very well.


Anyway, I was happy that even though she couldn’t tell me with words what she would like for her birthday, but hearing her sing all day, in the house, sitting in the buggy, or at dinner her favourite song about the little star, this gave me the idea to make her 2nd birthday based on this theme. It was fun and pretty easy. I wanted to keep it simple so I chose the gold -which is sort of given, and pure white. I think that gold and white are a good match, kind of elegant, too.

Cake Pops with gold and glitter


We didn’t have a birthday party for her, but I still wanted to celebrate this special day with style, adding a little sparkle and magic. My daughter loved it, and so the rest of the family.

Orange juice (I removed the original labels after keeping the bottles in warm water for about 2-3 minutes and sticked my own labels)


Ham and cheese mini sandwiches




Chocolate and nuts cupcakes with white chocolate stars (ah, those stars were NOT easy to make… 🙂 )


I made a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star t-shirt for her using a plain white cotton top and a large gold sequin iron on fabric star.




White chocolate cake


DSC_4617          DSC_4644

Tamara’s Coral, Yellow and Green 1st Birthday Party


My inspiration for this came from a little dress that I bought for my daughter when I was still pregnant with her. I didn’t want a pink princess birthday for her, but more colourful and summery. Coral is a beautiful colour, but I must admit that it is extremely hard to put together a party choosing coral as a leading theme! What is coral like? Is it a shade of pink, or a shade of red, or a mix of red and yellow, or simply just faded red???  Hard to find any accessories (to keep the party cheep, that is) so I made a compromise and used pinks here and there, as well as oranges and reds. The overall outcome was pretty and suited my little girl just fine!

We had our Hungarian friends coming over with their children, all slightly older than my baby, but young enough to enjoy themselves. We had no party activities of any sort, just free play, and they could do whatever they wished to do. Looking through the mess and the battlefield of toys spread all over the living room, I think they have had a great time 🙂


I made this tree based on a display tree which I saw in Hobby Craft. The one I saw was made of rubber plastic, mine is real and I cut it from a bush, stack it in wet sand and painted it all over with white spray. I decorated it with paper flowers and few butterflies and hanged 12 small, framed photos of my baby starting from birth up to 12 months.


The giant Number 1 I made from polyfoam and covered with spotty tissue paper.

I served sweet Rose to my lady friends, and to keep it cool I placed the bottles in a bucket filled with my special rose ice cubes. I picked small wild rose buds from the bushes next to our house and freezed them in water to make these cute and girly ice cubes.


The Birthday table:



Not everything was on the table when my husband took the photos. We had lots of Nachos with three kind of dips, also I made tuna spread in small pastry shells, and we had Crostini baguettes with Feta cheese cream and cherry tomato salsa on top. This is a delicious recipe that I saw once on Food Network made by one of my favourite TV chefs Ina Garten.


These Number 1 biscuits are my favourite in spite of not being easy to make them. I had no cookie cutter to start with……Was looking on eBay to buy, but the only one I found was ÂŁ45 from Germany, but no way I would pay that much for a cookie cutter. It doesn’t even make sens to be THAT expensive! So, I had to figure out something, and I just remembered that I had a Christmas tree cookie cutter…… It took me a little while but eventually I managed to mould it with a tool and I transformed the tree into a number 1! Wasn’t exactly perfectly shaped but I loved it anyway and in the end my Number 1 cookies were just fine and imperfect in a pretty funny way 🙂

Now, before Christmas I might just remould it back to a tree, ha-ha!


I made two kind of cupcakes, a batch of vanilla cakes with fresh blueberries and white chocolate chips frosted with white chocolate cream.


The other cupcakes were rich chocolate with caramel chocolate cream frosting and also few with the white chocolate cream.



Simple vanilla cake pops,…


… and lots of sweets for the kids!



The birthday cake is a delicious chocolate cake with many layers.




Strawberry cheese cakes as party favours plus a party bag with a home made Peg Doll for each kid. My Mum and I made the Peg Dolls from outgrown body suits of Tamara’s.


I think they came out very cute, don’t you?


And here’s my darling party-girl 🙂


I also made her a little Smash Cake which she could “play” with a little before eating on her actual birthday.



Ha-ha, she went for the yellow fondant rose on top!


Happy Birthday to my sweet little Darling Tamara!



Key Lime Cheese Cake in recycled baby food jars

I love to make deserts which need no baking, and I also like to use my baby’s empty baby food jars. What’s more, if I make the cheese cakes into these little jars and put them in the fridge they will stay more fresh and definitely odor free because of the lid. Also you can stack them which means it will save some space.
I also made a few in cupcake cases to compare the amount, and now I can say that when using the smallest baby jar you get a larger quantity of cake opposite the cupcake size.
I have saved quite a few jars, because I was preparing to my daughter’s first birthday, but in the meantime I thought I will make the Key Lime cheese cakes, which I had in mind for a while.
Not my first time to make cheese cakes in jars, and surely not the last!