Donuts and Pyjamas Birthday Party

My oldest daughter turned 11 and although we established last year that she will not have a birthday party this year, somehow we ended up inviting her 4 closest friends for a sleepover party. I knew that a sleepover involves more than just a birthday party, and the girls are together for an evening, night and morning, which comes with lots of noise (LOTS of it!) and mess and turning the house upside down, BUT I am so glad I said yes, because it turned out that sleepover party with THIS age girls is NOT trouble, it is actually a lot of FUN! My daughter loved it, her friends loved it, and I loved it too!
We first thought of pancakes and pyjamas, but after I acknowledged that I am no good in pancakes (the American style that is, because I am pretty good in making the French style crepes…), I came up with donuts instead. Much better for a party, I must say. I bought lots of delicious Krispy Kreme donuts (2 dozens…. yeah, told you!), plus more jam donuts, ring donuts and mini donuts. I baked sugar cookies, some in the shape of donuts and iced them to resemble real donuts. The cake was chocolate cake and I made three donuts from fondant to go on the top. My daughter was delighted.
I decorated plain white paper cups with sharpies to match the theme, and printed a donut banner to hang above the party table.





My daughter prepared a few activities, and the girls were excited to play along. They first played “Spin the bottle” with a set of neon nail paints, The end result was interesting and unique for all of them.
After this they played “Truth of Dare” and “would you rather”. They had a few good laughs during this. They also played music from the computer and danced a lot in the meantime.
We ordered pizza for dinner, then prepared a big mattress on the living room floor. They watched 2-3 movies till very late (or very early in the morning…). For the ultimate home-movie experience, we used the projector on the surface of a whole wall, they absolutely loved it!
I left the girls at 3 am in the morning and went to bed, thinking that surely I can take a picture of them still sleeping around 8 in the morning, but much to my amazement they woke up even earlier than me, so the morning photo in bed didn’t happen.
We only cut the cake after breakfast, because they were so full the night before.
Chocolate cake:

5 Tbsp flour
5 Tbsp brown sugar
5 eggs, separated
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 Tbsp dark cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1/2 tsp salt
Fondant, to decorate
600 double cream
200 g white chocolate
50 g milk chocolate (chopped)
Note: you need to prepare the filling cream for this cake one day ahead. Warm the double cream in a pan on the stove and stir in the white chocolate broken into pieces. Stir until melts, don’t let the cream boil! When the chocolate is melted, place it on a cool surface to cool, then put it in the fridge for the whole night to chill, but at least 6 hours.
In a large bowl beat the egg whites with the sugar and salt on high speed until you get a shiny and firm consistency. You can hold the bowl upside down and the cream will stay put, that’s the hardness you want to achieve.
Gradually, add the egg yolks one at a time, adjust the mixer to medium speed while beating. Add the vanilla extract, too.
Mix the flour with the cocoa powder, you might need to sift if it has big lumps.
Using only a large spoon, adding one spoon at a time, carefully fold in the flour mixture in the egg cream in a way that it doesn’t brake it. Using the electrical mixer is not recommended at this stage anymore.
I baked 5 separate layers in large paper baking cases. I love using it because it is the right size ( 7 inches in diameter) and it saves me from cutting the cake into layers after baking. Also, it will bake much faster and evenly.
In another bowl, whip the white chocolate cream until you get a smooth, but not too hard consistency. It is hard to describe where to stop beating, your cream should be lightly firm, but not very stiff.
Fill the cake, and before placing the next layer of cake on top of the cream, sprinkle with the chopped milk chocolate first.

Girly Dinosaur 4th Birthday Party





Dinosaur party for my little girl? Hell, yeah!

Kind of a last minute idea, kind of easy, and a lot of fun! Didn’t need much preparation, which was essential this time, since we just bought our new house (literally got the keys 2 days prior the party), and we are in the middle of moving.




Before my daughter’s birthday, I organized another event at her preschool. We made a Fairies and Elves party as a fundraising event, that needed much more prep work, but then it was a party to host a larger number of kids. With so much going on lately, I haven’t really baked anything for us, hence the lack of posts. And another reason for not baking is that my husband is gluten intolerant, and we just found out several weeks ago, so ever since then I haven’t really baked anything. I definitely need to try out gluten free baking soon, but first things first, we are moving! Yaaaay!



So,  as I said, we just got the keys of our house on Friday, and we hold ourselves back for another week or so before we get all of our stuff over to the new house, which luckily is only two streets away from the old house. In the meantime we have had one more last birthday party in the old house, and once everyone went home, I grabbed the fist cardboard box and started packing 🙂
I am so glad we went for the dinosaur theme! Nothing was decided for quite a long time, because my daughter kept changing her mind like five times a day! Kid you not! Even regarding to have a party or not to have a party. She was messing with me, I’m telling you that 🙂 Mum, I dont’ want a party! … Yes, I want a party! … Mum, I don’t want any of my friends to come here! … Ok, I want only two of my friends, and plus her, plus him, and this and that to come….but actually I won’t have a party at all! ….She was very picky about who to invite, or who not to invite, and eventually we settled with 9 of her friends to make a round 10 with her included. In the end there were a lot more children, because some of them came accompanied with older siblings instead of parents, and my older kids were there too, and also my older daughter’s friend spent the day with us spontaneously.
I must say I am not a fan of large parties. My kind of birthday parties are 6-8-10 children top, including the birthday girl or boy, and I already call this a big party. This is how I like it,  small, private, to know everybody by name, to interact with everyone, to be able to offer a cup of coffee or tea, and chat with our guests etc. I like to make a birthday party special and memorable, something different, and for me a smaller group of kids and parents are more manageable opposed to a classroom size crowd where is physically impossible to talk to everyone and to be a good host and be present everywhere. And my kids like it this way, too.


When we first talked about her having a birthday party, she was still doing ballet, so I started planning a ballet party, but one day she decided she won’t go to ballet classes anymore, which also meant ballet party was off the list.
However….did you notice that some of the dinosaurs are wearing tutu skirts? 🙂 This is how I combined a bit of ballet into the roaring Jurassic world! Perfect fit I’d say, isn’t it?
To make the food labels I used the Picasa software.
I made different coloured tutu skirts for a few dinosaurs (which we borrowed from our preschool, as we only have 6-7 dinosaurs at home) and I used some other little Barbie accessories to dress them up, like sunglasses, headset, guitar, little photo camera, etc.
For the desert table I carved a watermelon to look like a dinosaur head. Never done this before so I am pleased with the result, looked good on the table.
I made simple vanilla cupcakes with raspberry cream frosting and decorated them with dinosaur cupcake toppers bought online.
Recently I discovered these savoury crisps, which we served as Unicorn horns at my older daughter’s Unicorn Party few weeks ago, and now they did the job brilliantly as dinosaur teeth.
We also served little dinosaur shaped ham&cheese sandwiches. I love this cutter, as very little bread and filling is wasted. You can cut two dinosaurs with one cut, and the two of them uses up almost all of a large sandwich, so no waste there.
These are dark chocolate pudding with two layers of brownies in between. I had the little plastic cups left from store bought deserts. I put some hard sugar candy stones on top, which my son thought were real stones.
I also bought Kinder Surprise eggs, unwrapped them, but shortly after putting them on the table they started to melt, so I quickly shoved them in the fridge before the party guests arrived.
Do you think I forgot about them and never gave any to the children? Make your guess……Right! 🙂
I wrapped and labeled chocolate eggs as dinosaur eggs. Good thing that they’re not selling these only for Easter 🙂
My favourite from the table were the sugar cookies, which we made together with my little daughter few days prior to the party. We used one of the big dinosaurs to imprint his footsteps into the cookie dough. We had fun doing them and the cookies were delicious.
The cake was very simple, White Chocolate Cream cake. This is our “to go” cake for the kids birthdays lately, they love it and ask for it again, and again, and again!
We served green Kubu (pears, kiwi and banana drink), although they were not too keen on drinking it 🙂
For the party bags I ordered plain white paper bags online, then decorated them with cute little dinosaurs which I found and printed myself, and cushioned the bags with  rainbow colored tissue paper.
We set up a dinosaur dig area for them to search for fossils. I bought a set of 12 little dinosaur skeletons and hid them in the sand pit. They had to dig them up and clean them with brushes. They loved this!






The older girls applied dinosaur tattoos on the little ones.







Another fun activity was to eat little donuts off a string without touching them with hands.



P_20170611_170540 (1)





We also had frozen dinosaur eggs which I made by inserting little dinosaurs in water balloons, filled with water, then put them in the freezer. We then poured warm water over the eggs to discover the dinosaurs when the ice was gradually melting off.












After everyone went home late afternoon, my little 4 year old (who’s birthday was actually on the day of her party) stayed out and played on her own at the sand pit for a good 20-30 minutes. After all the excitement she needed some time alone to cool off, process everything and take it all in….Happy Birthday my sweet Darling!





Magical Unicorn Party


10 years old!


I feel like I need an intro here, like I need to explain the whole Unicorn Party thing for my 10 year old daughter. I feel this because last year she had a “Taylor Swift” Birthday Party , which sounds more grown up, and it looks like we have had a step back this year. Looking back to the last year, I see lot of growing up in every aspect of life. She is definitely not a little girl anymore, and the fact that she is so tall, doesn’t help either 🙂 But, I wanted for her to have one more, (probably the last) childish birthday party, with all that comes with it. Oh, and she wanted the same thing, too!



You would think they are too old for stuff like this. Like Unicorns and magic, and all the glitter and shine, but the truth is they’re not. Really NOT! Let me tell you, that these 10 year old girls LOVED all the glitter and shine and Unicorns and magic 🙂 They loved their little soft unicorns they got to build themselves and named, because, in case you didn’t know everybody has a Unicorn name, even you, my friend 🙂 They named their little Unicorns as follows: Sassy Happy-Feet, Happy Floating-Bubbles, Dashing Sugar-Socks, Sassy Tickled-Pink and Sunshine Happy-Feet.
They started with watching an old movie called Legend, which features a couple of “real” Unicorns and Tom Cruise is the main star  (hello! I said Tom Cruise!!), but eventually they got bored with it, which I don’t blame them for, because the film was not the typical Hollywood Best of…(although it may have been back in 1985, I wouldn’t know…), and Tom Cruise was just a kid basically. Anyway, let’s just say that the movie was not the hit of the party, but the Unicorns looked real and beautiful, nonetheless.
The girls sat down afterwards and stuffed their own Unicorns and chose their names and their Unicorn Magic Powder. They loved this and they had lots of fun doing it.
They applied jeans tattoos on their denim shorts, back and front pockets, they loved these, too. Well, of course, they were Unicorn tattoos in rainbow colors after all, what’s not to like there, right?
I spray painted white plastic unicorns in gold and glued them on jar lids, then filled the jars with candy. The mini bottles are made of glass, we put the labels on and filled with glitter, ehm…I mean Unicorn Magic, of course.
They had a little fun outside running and jumping with the gold and pink confetti balloons before they got back to the dessert table for cake. During the whole party, they also got a laptop near them and they played their favourite music on You Tube, so there was some dancing, too.
We served rainbow pizza, Unicorn horn pastry filled with vegetable salad, sandwiches, Unicorn chocolate bark, white chocolate cake, donuts coated in chocolate melts and sprinkles, sugar cookies in shape of unicorns and magic wands (ah, those skinny unicorn legs were a pain to make…), cupcakes, etc…
The wooden sign which I placed outside to greet the party guests I made myself few weeks ago. I found this treasure lying in a ditch not far from the house about a year ago, and now I had the chance to do a makeover. I painted in rainbow colors and wrote the message ” Dance with Fairies, Ride a Unicorn, Swim with Mermaids, Chase Rainbows”.
Also, I bought the brown paper mache Unicorn head from Hobby Craft weeks ago, and I worked on it in secret, while my daughter was at school and hid it in the loft until her birthday.

Tweet Tweet Little Bird -3rd Birthday Party



My little one turns 3 within a week and we invited her closest friends to celebrate her birthday this last Saturday. They were little, they were sweet, they were chit-chatting, tweeting just like little birds, a delight to have them in the house for a couple of hours.
We made small bird houses from cardboard paper and little fluffy birds from pompoms and colourful feathers. I found a free bird house template online which worked perfectly and was just the right size. The only fault is that there was no roof top to this template but was no trouble to make one. I made like 20 little bird houses to hang on our decorative tree before the party. During this activity we were listening to real bird songs which made us feel like we are in the middle of an enchanted forest with lots and lots of species of birds.
After this the girls had a snack and we cut the birthday cake at the end as well.
I tried to make everything to resemble the birthday theme. Made white chocolate cookies in shape of birds and No.3. This time I iced the cookies with royal icing. It is much easier to work on cookies with royal icing than last time when I used a different icing (sugar and milk), and the final result is pretty but when it comes to eat these cookies, I think that royal icing is a bit too hard.


My Mum is visiting as at the moment, so she and my older daughter joined me to make the little wafer bird houses. It was much fun to do them. I even tried to draw faces with edible ink on the tiny jelly bean birds, but I gave up eventually 🙂 We glued the wafer pieces together with melted white candy chocolate.
Speaking of candy melts, I made each girl a chocolate flower and wrapped them individually in little cellophane bags. We gave them the chocolate flowers before they left home together with their party bags.
We served small ham and cheese sandwiches, sweetcorn, tiny bite size pastry canapeés filled with tuna, salted hula hops -just to have something savory along the sweet deserts.
Finally they had vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate cream, topped with cute birds cupcake toppers, and the chocolate birthday cake.
The cake first had a layer of marzipan, then white fondant, covered all around with various colours, styles and size of tiny bird houses, which I made from fondant. I absolutely loved making them.




“Taylor Swift” Birthday Party





It was my oldest daughter’s 9th birthday on Saturday, and we decided to celebrate it in STYLE of Taylor Swift. We went for Taylor’s famous RED lips and for her also famous “Not a lot going on at the moment” outfit from the clip 22. The girls (my girl and her two best friends) are not even half the age, but they’re sure feeling 22… 🙂

She dressed up and we made a few photos a weak before the party to make a suitable invitation for her friends.







It was fun putting together this little party, and it was great fun being around and watching them. My daughter has two very good friends, who couldn’t have more different personalities, yet they got along together so well during the day, and they certainly enjoyed every minute of it.






They first did a little dancing and singing, then they solved a puzzle. They had to put the words in order to get the correct song titles. After this we went out for lunch, but then got back to the house to attack the desert table.






After having some cake and sweets, the girls decorated white canvas trainers with fabric markers. Naturally, they got to keep the trainers as a party favour along with a Taylor Swift CD and a bright red lipstick each. They were thrilled!










My daughter wanted a chocolate cake with a little puppy -which is totally non-Taylor Swift, but hey, that’s what she asked for, and that’s what she got. So, here is my very first marzipan puppy.






The desert table was all pretty colourful with a touch of vintage retro, which suited Taylor Swift style very well. I baked sugar cookies in the shape of large lips and number 9. I also made candy pops, which literally were candies and not cake pops. I covered candy lolly pops in melted chocolate and sprinkled over colourful thousands sprinkles. They just went for it like crazy. I know they would like these better than cake pops.
I bought small bottles with cranberry and orange juice and washed off the original labels to put little pictures of my daughter dressed like Taylor Swift. I used the same small photos to wrap tiny chocolates.

Oliver & Rami’s Pirate Birthday Party


After a long, hot summer holiday where I haven’t bake at all, I am back into my kitchen at last.

DSC_5509  DSC_5717  DSC_5411

I will start with my son’s 5th birthday party. We joined in with his best friend, and held a double party, because their birthdays are one month apart…..although Rami is 11 months older then Oliver, so whilst my Oliver turned 5 this year, his best buddy Rami turned 6.


We found a great outdoor place called The Wild Place, situated within the Milton Country park in Cambridge. It turned out to be the  perfect location for the boys pirate party. The best thing of all was the good, sunny weather, which was a risky call, but we were extremely lucky, considering that it was all wet in the morning.

DSC_5432           DSC_5417

For this party I made a two tiered chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes with mascarpone and white chocolate frosting, and marshmallow pops dipped in chocolate and coated with sugar sprinkles. Besides the cakes, each child got a food box filled with sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, crisps, soft drink….

DSC_5671 DSC_5666 a4f1bec0b19ee46b5ce7ec750049572bdd8c3b8609f447d0a78da65447749e11

We played the treasure hunting game which is a must on a pirate party, and we rewarded the treasure hunters with chocolate coins. Then there was another game which they seemed to  love, the Stick the Parrot, which means, they had to stick a sticker on the Parrot blindfolded. The winners also got some chocolate coins.

DSC_5547      DSC_5526

DSC_5521      DSC_5532

DSC_5552      DSC_5527

Lots more chocolate coins were hidden inside balloons, and they had to find a way how to pop the balloons in order to get those chocolates. They had so much fun!

DSC_5449      DSC_5446

There was a fireplace with burning fire, and some parents were roasting marshmallows with the kids.


Other children were playing in the boat, yet others were having tattoos on their hands and arms, because a good old pirate isn’t a real pirate without at least one tattoo, right?


DSC_5637          DSC_5640

DSC_5566          DSC_5493

DSC_5575          DSC_5656

DSC_5515                DSC_5505


DSC_5754       DSC_5697

DSC_5497        DSC_5501

DSC_5489    DSC_5488     DSC_5778

There was a wooden tent  (well, undressed, because time was too short to put the canvas), but all the pirates enjoyed to gather under the tent to have a marshmallow break.

DSC_5441         DSC_5481

DSC_5470    DSC_5472     DSC_5465

DSC_5478     DSC_5475

Eating around the fire


Cake time

DSC_5713 DSC_5720-2


At the end of the party, we gave them a Certificate saying how great a pirate they were, as well as a party bag filled with pirates related goodies, like telescope, bandanna, eye patch, pirate ring, bookmarks with pirates, and of course more chocolate coins.

0d0c4fee7ec1ad578d52b6653f1d2afb514f75304c96d538eaf5423ff72ee210                 e097c82538323c7c75106874529032a1dde668e74c6f4dd3c582c6bcb20b4883

All in all, everyone seemed to have fun, including the adults, who stayed. Me personally loved every bit, and I loved that even though I became more experienced in throwing a girls party, I proved to myself, that a boy can have a party which is just as fun as a girly one, if not better! 🙂


After the party, I made individual photo collages for all the kids invited as a thank you card. Well, my plan all along was to have a nice group photo with them all, but this just didn’t happen. They were all over the place all the time, and never at one place at the same time, so that would’ve been a real mission impossible.

Collages3-001        Collages4

The funniest thing ever was one of the little guests. A boy, who came dressed as a Star Wars character 🙂 He was the sweetest element of this party, really! His dad couldn’t believe the confusion he got into seeing all those pirates around his little white Stormtrooper 🙂 Way to go Jenson!

DSC_5451                    DSC_5547


DSC_5417 DSC_5748-001


Happy 5th Birthday My Sweet Boy!


Little Johnny in the making 🙂


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2nd Birthday


My little baby girl turned 2 years old! So hard to believe…Finally I got a little time to post about her second birthday.


She is all about the little star twinkling in the well known nursery song. My girl doesn’t really talk (well she does, but on a special language that only she can understand and use, and I can confirm that is not Hungarian nor English 🙂 …) yet she started to sing this Twinkle Twinkle song a long time ago. I am certain that she will be a pretty good singer because she seems to get the music tunes very well.


Anyway, I was happy that even though she couldn’t tell me with words what she would like for her birthday, but hearing her sing all day, in the house, sitting in the buggy, or at dinner her favourite song about the little star, this gave me the idea to make her 2nd birthday based on this theme. It was fun and pretty easy. I wanted to keep it simple so I chose the gold -which is sort of given, and pure white. I think that gold and white are a good match, kind of elegant, too.

Cake Pops with gold and glitter


We didn’t have a birthday party for her, but I still wanted to celebrate this special day with style, adding a little sparkle and magic. My daughter loved it, and so the rest of the family.

Orange juice (I removed the original labels after keeping the bottles in warm water for about 2-3 minutes and sticked my own labels)


Ham and cheese mini sandwiches




Chocolate and nuts cupcakes with white chocolate stars (ah, those stars were NOT easy to make… 🙂 )


I made a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star t-shirt for her using a plain white cotton top and a large gold sequin iron on fabric star.




White chocolate cake


DSC_4617          DSC_4644

Minecraft Birthday Cake


This was a special request from one of my daughter’s friend. When he said he wants a Minecraft cake I told him OK, but frankly I had no idea what it was. I had to look up on the Internet to learn what is Minecraft 🙂 So for those living in the dark like me: Minecraft is a computer game. For more details look up on Google yourself 🙂


As usual this 8 year old friend of us asked for a chocolate cake and that’s what he got once again. I used milk chocolate and dark chocolate to make the cream (whipped double cream, not buttercream), then I covered first with a layer of Marzipan, then with chocolate fondant -which by the way is very delicious (I say this because I normally don’t like the taste of fondant).


Finally I covered most of the cake with coloured fondant mosaic. Oh, the mosaic…..let me just say that this cake took me a long time to finish, until I cut and placed each mosaic piece to the cake one by one….BUT it worth it! Those kids, specially the boys got very exciting about this cake, they loved it so much, and that was my real appreciation which works every time with me! 🙂


Tamara’s Coral, Yellow and Green 1st Birthday Party


My inspiration for this came from a little dress that I bought for my daughter when I was still pregnant with her. I didn’t want a pink princess birthday for her, but more colourful and summery. Coral is a beautiful colour, but I must admit that it is extremely hard to put together a party choosing coral as a leading theme! What is coral like? Is it a shade of pink, or a shade of red, or a mix of red and yellow, or simply just faded red???  Hard to find any accessories (to keep the party cheep, that is) so I made a compromise and used pinks here and there, as well as oranges and reds. The overall outcome was pretty and suited my little girl just fine!

We had our Hungarian friends coming over with their children, all slightly older than my baby, but young enough to enjoy themselves. We had no party activities of any sort, just free play, and they could do whatever they wished to do. Looking through the mess and the battlefield of toys spread all over the living room, I think they have had a great time 🙂


I made this tree based on a display tree which I saw in Hobby Craft. The one I saw was made of rubber plastic, mine is real and I cut it from a bush, stack it in wet sand and painted it all over with white spray. I decorated it with paper flowers and few butterflies and hanged 12 small, framed photos of my baby starting from birth up to 12 months.


The giant Number 1 I made from polyfoam and covered with spotty tissue paper.

I served sweet Rose to my lady friends, and to keep it cool I placed the bottles in a bucket filled with my special rose ice cubes. I picked small wild rose buds from the bushes next to our house and freezed them in water to make these cute and girly ice cubes.


The Birthday table:



Not everything was on the table when my husband took the photos. We had lots of Nachos with three kind of dips, also I made tuna spread in small pastry shells, and we had Crostini baguettes with Feta cheese cream and cherry tomato salsa on top. This is a delicious recipe that I saw once on Food Network made by one of my favourite TV chefs Ina Garten.


These Number 1 biscuits are my favourite in spite of not being easy to make them. I had no cookie cutter to start with……Was looking on eBay to buy, but the only one I found was £45 from Germany, but no way I would pay that much for a cookie cutter. It doesn’t even make sens to be THAT expensive! So, I had to figure out something, and I just remembered that I had a Christmas tree cookie cutter…… It took me a little while but eventually I managed to mould it with a tool and I transformed the tree into a number 1! Wasn’t exactly perfectly shaped but I loved it anyway and in the end my Number 1 cookies were just fine and imperfect in a pretty funny way 🙂

Now, before Christmas I might just remould it back to a tree, ha-ha!


I made two kind of cupcakes, a batch of vanilla cakes with fresh blueberries and white chocolate chips frosted with white chocolate cream.


The other cupcakes were rich chocolate with caramel chocolate cream frosting and also few with the white chocolate cream.



Simple vanilla cake pops,…


… and lots of sweets for the kids!



The birthday cake is a delicious chocolate cake with many layers.




Strawberry cheese cakes as party favours plus a party bag with a home made Peg Doll for each kid. My Mum and I made the Peg Dolls from outgrown body suits of Tamara’s.


I think they came out very cute, don’t you?


And here’s my darling party-girl 🙂


I also made her a little Smash Cake which she could “play” with a little before eating on her actual birthday.



Ha-ha, she went for the yellow fondant rose on top!


Happy Birthday to my sweet little Darling Tamara!