Fresh Zingy Lemon Cupcakes



I made a full batch of lemon cupcakes yesterday, then I played a bit decorating them in different styles. For these two I chose few colorful ribbons only. Recipe for them you can find two posts behind under Lemon Ombre Heaven Cupcakes.










These ones here have a smaller amount of butter cream icing and just one little sugar flower.









Venetian Carnival Cupcakes



It’s the last day of February, so these are still legitimate…..wanted to use these tiny carnival masks once more. It reminds me of Venice, and makes me wait for the summer even more than I am, because this year we want to go to Italy, not too far from Venice, the land of the carnivals.


Recipe for these cupcakes you can find at my previous post: Lemon Ombre Heaven Cupcakes






Lemon Ombre Heaven Cupcakes



Yellow was never my favourite color, but something has changed along the way in the past few years and -even though it still isn’t my most favourite, but I started to like everything yellow.
It could be related to the weather…. I am craving the sunshine, the bright, hot summers, and since I don’t get enough of it ever since we moved to the UK, my mind must associate the yellow with sunshine, and funny, but I always find myself searching for it. I like to dress my girls in yellow dresses, my boy in yellow t-shirts, I have a cool pair of yellow sandals, which I can’t wait to put on again. Whenever we wear these things my spirit lifts me in a better mood. Yep, I am definitely a summer girl, and always will be!
Back to food, for me lemons are also a symbol of summer and sunshine, maybe that’s why I always have some at home.
The other day I was grating fresh lemon zest into a recipe, and then I decided that my next baking has to be related to lemons. Also, it is the last day of the winter, so bring on the sunny spring!
To make these Lemon Heaven cupcakes, I took my good old basic vanilla recipe and boosted with zesty lemons. Hm….they are exactly how I envisioned, but better.
1 cu brown sugar
125 gr butter, soft at room temperature
2 eggs, room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp Sicilian lemon extract
zest of 1 lemon, freshly grated
1 + 1/3 cup flour
2 tsp baking powder
150 gr finest lemon yogurt
Butter cream:
250 gr butter, soft at room temperature
about 2 cups icing sugar (more or less, depending on your personal taste, also how stiff you want your butter cream)
2 tsp Sicilian lemon extract
Zingy Lemon cupcake filling from Dr.Oetker (from 1 tsp to 3 tsp, depending on how you like it)
yellow color paste
I also inserted from this lemon filling into the centre of my baked cupcakes, under the butter cream. It gives an amazing taste. You know what, I’m going over into the kitchen and grab one right now….hm, this cupcake is actually better the next day!
Preheat your oven, and put the cupcake cases into the cupcake tin.
In a bowl mix the flour with the baking soda and salt. In another bowl beat the butter with the sugar, adding the eggs one at a time. Then add the vanilla and lemon extract, grate the lemon zest directly into your bowl, mix in the yogurt, finally add the flour and beat only until all combined. Divide evenly into the prepared cupcake tin, and bake for about 20-25 minutes. After baking, let them cool completely.
Beat the butter at high speed adding the icing sugar gradually, and make sure you don’t cover the whole kitchen in dust….man, I don’t like this part! The cleaning sugar dust, that is.
Add the lemon extract and yellow color paste, and mix in the preferred amount of zingy lemon filling. It gives a very nice taste. I promise.
I divided my butter cream in three parts, to make three different shades of yellow, well in fact only two, the third was left at its natural color. When piping on top of the cupcakes, I started with the darker shade.
While photographing the other cakes, I put these on hold to wait by my daughter’s toy baskets…

Spicy Pear & Marzipan Cupcakes with Caramel Cream


I wanted to make apple cupcakes, but then I thought why not bake something with pears instead, it would be a fresh change as I never made cupcakes with pears before. I searched for recipes, finally I found three out there which I liked, but none was 100% what I had in mind, so I came up with my own version. The only thing in common was the use of pears. Some were using spices, some used marzipan, and others used caramel. I combined them all and here I am.
On Sweetapolita site I saw those tiny marzipan pears, and I decided I would make them too. Just love them!
-1 and 1/2 cup flour
-3/4 cup brown sugar
-4 large eggs
-2 pears diced in small cubes
-200 gr soft marzipan
-250 gr butter at room temperature
-1/3 cup milk
-1 tsp baking powder
-1 tsp mixed spice
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1 tsp almond extract
-freshly grated nutmeg
-600 ml double cream
-100 gr white chocolate
-4 Tbsp canned Caramel
This recipe yield 24 cupcakes. I only made 12 cupcakes and I baked a 3 layer 5″ cake of the remaining batter. Will freeze and use some other time.
The double cream has to be warmed up on the stove the previous day. Put the chocolate in the warm cream and stir until fully melted. Make sure the cream doesn’t reach boiling temperature, just warm enough to melt the chocolate. Let it cool down, add the caramel then put away in the fridge over night.
Preheat the oven, line the cupcake pan with the paper cases.
Dice the pears in small cubes and mix with the spices, then put aside. Mix the flour with baking powder and salt.
Beat the butter and sugar and add gradually the marzipan. Add the eggs, one by one, beating after each addition.
Add the flour and the milk, and carefully mix until all combined. Finally stir in the pears.
Scoop the batter in the cupcake holes. I always use an ice cream scoop to do this. Bake for about 20-25 minutes.
Beat the caramel chocolate cream and frost the cupcakes after they have cooled.
I made little pears from golden marzipan and brushed them with golden sugar dust.


Valentines Day Red Velvet Cheesecake for Two



Here’s my Valentines Day treat for the family, although we don’t care much about Valentines Day at all. Anyways, as red is one of my favourite colours I was happy to make something to suit this day.




Red velvet cake also fits perfectly, but since lately I was so much into cheesecakes, I thought of combining them into one desert.
This cheesecake though is a bit different from the others I made before. This one is a baked cheesecake, and has eggs as well.
Oh, and is really yummy!
For the base:
-2 pack of original Oreos biscuits
-50 gr melted butter
For the filling:
-3 pack light Mascarpone cream cheese
-lots of red food colour gel paste
-1 egg
-2 Tbsp sour cream
-1 cup white sugar
-4 Tbsp unsweetened Cocoa powder
-2 tsp vanilla extract
For the icing:
-300 ml double cream
-2 Tbsp powder sugar
Preheat the oven. Lightly grease the cheesecake pan with butter.
Crush the biscuits using a rolling pin or a food processor. In a bowl mix the biscuit
crumbs and the melted butter, then divide evenly in the mini cheesecake pan. With this recipe I got 10 mini cheesecakes of the size 3 inches in diameter. Press down the crust, then bake it for about 5 minutes.
In a large bowl beat the Mascarpone with powder sugar, adding the vanilla, sour cream, cocoa powder, red colour paste, finally the egg.
Fill the cheesecake pan evenly up to 3/4 full, and smooth the top. Bake for 15-20 minutes.
Let it cool in the pan completely, then cover with cling film and put in the fridge for overnight. Again, I had to argue with my husband about eating or not eating the cheesecakes before the night even started…..eventually I manged to keep him away until next morning.
Before serving, take them out form the fridge, and carefully push them out from the pan before putting any whipped cream on top.

Almond Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream Cheese



I wanted something delicate, something feminine, something pink.



Almond and raspberry seemed a good choice. I searched for recipes, but I didn’t find anything that I imagined, so I ended up improvising.




The final result was good, and my cupcakes turned out the way I wanted. They remind me of the Frangipanes  and the Almond Fingers we used to buy in Belgium. And they even crumble the same way, too 🙂




I haven’t used lot of sugar, I usually don’t make my cakes too sweet anyway. The fresh raspberries from the icing adds an interesting tone to this cake, and is definitely different then the usual sugar from the top of the Belgian Frangipane.




-1 cup flour
-1 cup ground almond
-2 egg whites
-125 gr unsalted butter, room temperature
-3/4 cup caster sugar
-1Tbsp almond extract
-1tsp vanilla extract
-1 tsp baking powder
-1/3 cup almond milk, or regular milk
-pinch of salt
-200 gr fresh raspberries
-1 or 2 Tbsp powder sugar
-250 gr Mascarpone cream cheese
-300 ml Madagascan Vanilla Double cream, or just plain double cream + vanilla extract
Preheat your oven, line the cupcake pan with the cupcake cases.
In a bowl mix the dry ingredients and set aside.
In another bowl whisk the butter and 3/4 cup sugar until light and fluffy, then add the egg whites, the vanilla and almond extract and beat a little more.
Add the flour and almond mixture to the batter and pour in the milk. Stir until all is incorporated.
Divide the batter into the cupcakes tin, and bake for approximately 25-30 minutes. Let the cupcakes cool down before icing.
Blend the raspberries in a small blender together with the powder sugar. You can put 1 or 2, or as much or less sugar as you wish. The complete icing cream will be less sweet after beating the fruit puree together with the cream cheese and double cream.
In a mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese gradually adding the raspberry puree and the double cream. If you want a stronger pink, you can use pink colouring gel paste.
I wanted my cakes to be as white as possible, and it actually was during mixing, but they were the same brownish colour after I got them out from the oven. Makes me wonder how is that possible to see really white cakes on the Internet….there must be some kind of trick to it, they look almost unnatural, unbaked…

Coconut and Pineapple Cheesecake



Here I bring you another cheesecake! As I said earlier, we love cheesecakes.



It is probably the most favourite type of desert within our family because it’s creamy, it’s moist, it’s rich, and cheesecake after cheesecake, there is always room for even more.




I like to experiment new flavours, and I might say that one of my new years resolution was to try as many new recipes and flavors as possible, because why stuck to the boring chocolates and vanillas, which are just as delicious by the way.
The idea to make these came after my last research for the Matcha recipes, and since I used coconut with the Matcha cheesecake, and it tasted so good, I wanted to use it again paired with something else. Coconut and pineapple seems to match really good, and I’ve seen lots of recipes.
This cheesecake is really easy to make, and I think it looks good in the crystal glasses.
To decorate, I made pineapple flowers. I have done them before few years ago and I think they look awesome, and of course totally edible.
-200 gr ginger biscuits
-50 gr melted butter
-thick coconut cream (about 3-4 Tbsp)
-250 gr mascarpone cream cheese
-300 ml double cream
-3-4 Tbsp powder sugar
-1 tsp vanilla essence
-200 gr pureed pineapple
Make the ginger biscuits into crumbs and stir in the melted butter. Divide evenly into the glasses (I only made 5 glasses), and put in the fridge to set.
Chop the pineapple into small cubes and transfer into a food processor to puree.
Beat the mascarpone cheese with the sugar, vanilla, then add gradually the pineapple puree, coconut and cream. Beat all together but not for long, only til gets fluffy but not stiff.
Scoop the cream on top of the biscuit base, then put it back to the fridge and leave it to set overnight.