Matcha Green Tea Mini Cheesecakes with Double Chocolate Oreos and Coconut Cream Cheese



I’ve been playing with the idea of using Matcha in my recipes for a long time. But I didn’t rushed things because knowing that Matcha is such a special ingredient which will define substantially the taste and the look of anything I make, I tried to figure out what exactly should I make.





I got my first batch of matcha from my Japanese friends, and tasting it, I instantly loved it. I could get used to eat or drink it regularly, if only would be cheaper.




Finally, I came to the conclusion that cheese cake would be the perfect choice, because it will restore not only the real taste, but the vibrant, healthy green colour of the Matcha as well. Not to mention, that no baking opposed to baking is always a winner πŸ™‚




I looked up many Matcha recipes. Even though there are hundreds of them out there, I ended up making my own version of matcha cheesecake. I pinched something from here, something else from there, and the final results are Matcha cheesecake with double chocolate oreos and coconut cream cheese.



I only made 6 mini cheesecakes.


-200 gr double chocolate oreos
-50 gr melted butter
-500 gr Mascarpone cream cheese
-thick coconut cream (I used the Natco coconut milk, and I only used the thick cream from the upper half of the can, so I didn’t mixed it)
-200 ml double cream
-powder sugar (maybe 2 Tbsp, but depends on your personal taste)
-1 Tbsp Matcha powder
crushedΒ Oreos (optional, but I wanted to have a “dirty” effect, and also the Oreo crumbs tasted good in the cream)
1. Crush the Oreos, with the filling left in them, then mix it with the melted butter.
2.Β Divide evenly in the mini cheesecake pan, then press down firmly. Put in the fridge for about 1 hour.
3. In a mixing bowl, mix the Mascarpone with powder sugar, matcha powder, coconut cream and double cream. Finally stir in the Oreos crumbs.
4. Divide evenly on top of the firm biscuit base, smooth the top, then put back in the fridge for overnight.



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