Oliver & Rami’s Pirate Birthday Party


After a long, hot summer holiday where I haven’t bake at all, I am back into my kitchen at last.

DSC_5509  DSC_5717  DSC_5411

I will start with my son’s 5th birthday party. We joined in with his best friend, and held a double party, because their birthdays are one month apart…..although Rami is 11 months older then Oliver, so whilst my Oliver turned 5 this year, his best buddy Rami turned 6.


We found a great outdoor place called The Wild Place, situated within the Milton Country park in Cambridge. It turned out to be the  perfect location for the boys pirate party. The best thing of all was the good, sunny weather, which was a risky call, but we were extremely lucky, considering that it was all wet in the morning.

DSC_5432           DSC_5417

For this party I made a two tiered chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes with mascarpone and white chocolate frosting, and marshmallow pops dipped in chocolate and coated with sugar sprinkles. Besides the cakes, each child got a food box filled with sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, crisps, soft drink….

DSC_5671 DSC_5666 a4f1bec0b19ee46b5ce7ec750049572bdd8c3b8609f447d0a78da65447749e11

We played the treasure hunting game which is a must on a pirate party, and we rewarded the treasure hunters with chocolate coins. Then there was another game which they seemed to  love, the Stick the Parrot, which means, they had to stick a sticker on the Parrot blindfolded. The winners also got some chocolate coins.

DSC_5547      DSC_5526

DSC_5521      DSC_5532

DSC_5552      DSC_5527

Lots more chocolate coins were hidden inside balloons, and they had to find a way how to pop the balloons in order to get those chocolates. They had so much fun!

DSC_5449      DSC_5446

There was a fireplace with burning fire, and some parents were roasting marshmallows with the kids.


Other children were playing in the boat, yet others were having tattoos on their hands and arms, because a good old pirate isn’t a real pirate without at least one tattoo, right?


DSC_5637          DSC_5640

DSC_5566          DSC_5493

DSC_5575          DSC_5656

DSC_5515                DSC_5505


DSC_5754       DSC_5697

DSC_5497        DSC_5501

DSC_5489    DSC_5488     DSC_5778

There was a wooden tent  (well, undressed, because time was too short to put the canvas), but all the pirates enjoyed to gather under the tent to have a marshmallow break.

DSC_5441         DSC_5481

DSC_5470    DSC_5472     DSC_5465

DSC_5478     DSC_5475

Eating around the fire


Cake time

DSC_5713 DSC_5720-2


At the end of the party, we gave them a Certificate saying how great a pirate they were, as well as a party bag filled with pirates related goodies, like telescope, bandanna, eye patch, pirate ring, bookmarks with pirates, and of course more chocolate coins.

0d0c4fee7ec1ad578d52b6653f1d2afb514f75304c96d538eaf5423ff72ee210                 e097c82538323c7c75106874529032a1dde668e74c6f4dd3c582c6bcb20b4883

All in all, everyone seemed to have fun, including the adults, who stayed. Me personally loved every bit, and I loved that even though I became more experienced in throwing a girls party, I proved to myself, that a boy can have a party which is just as fun as a girly one, if not better! 🙂


After the party, I made individual photo collages for all the kids invited as a thank you card. Well, my plan all along was to have a nice group photo with them all, but this just didn’t happen. They were all over the place all the time, and never at one place at the same time, so that would’ve been a real mission impossible.

Collages3-001        Collages4

The funniest thing ever was one of the little guests. A boy, who came dressed as a Star Wars character 🙂 He was the sweetest element of this party, really! His dad couldn’t believe the confusion he got into seeing all those pirates around his little white Stormtrooper 🙂 Way to go Jenson!

DSC_5451                    DSC_5547


DSC_5417 DSC_5748-001


Happy 5th Birthday My Sweet Boy!


Little Johnny in the making 🙂



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