Pink Ombre Cake With Cream Cheese and Strawberries


Cream cheese. Strawberries. Whipped cream. Vanilla. Roses. Pink.

Goodness and beauty on the same plate. This was my daughter’s 8th Birthday Cake.
She asked for a pretty cake with flowers (after we discussed that I will not venture myself into making a Frozen themed cake…) so once again I looked for the prettiest fresh flowers in the store that I can get and when I found these sprayed roses I know they will look pretty on a girly cake.
I used my favourite Laura Vitale’s vanilla cupcake recipe to bake the cake. One batch would have not been enough so I doubled it and baked it in two cake tins. I got two equal cakes which I cut in half, but eventually I used only three layers.
To make the filling I whipped two packs of Mascarpone cream cheese with double cream (about 300 ml, but use according to your taste) and powder sugar (about two tablespoon, so not too sweet). Under the strawberries I wet the cake layers with vanilla syrup. I coated the cake with whipped cream tinted with pink food colour. I made three shades (although not very visible) to make an Ombre effect. Finally I put the roses on top. I wrapped each rose in cling film before sticking them in the cake.
 Happy 8th Birthday to my clever and beautiful girl! Love you to the moon and back 🙂