Chocolate Beehive Cupcakes


…or more like Busy Bees on top of Walnut Whip chocolates from Nestle.


I saw the pack of this chocolate in the store some time ago and I thought it would look great on cupcakes with just a little personal touch from me. Which was that I chopped off the walnut from the top of the chocolate and I placed (with food glue) a tiny bumble bee instead which I made in like 5 minutes from fondant. Aren’t they cute? πŸ™‚


Here is some trivia about this chocolate for you that I found on Google…

“The Walnut Whip really is a long serving confectionery classic – it was launched in 1910 and is Nestle’s oldest brand. Here is some trivia for you; more than a million walnuts are used every week in the production of Walnuts Whips.

Historically there have been variations of flavour, including maple and coffee flavours, but in the modern age the only flavour available is the best – classic vanilla.

Walnut Whips comprise a soft and fluffy walnut centre that is protected by an outer shell of milk chocolate, all topped off with a delicious walnut.”



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