Santa Claus Cupcakes


…or should I say Santa’s Hat Cupcakes, because you don’t see much of Santa except for his hat.


I made these for a children’s party. We could call it a pre-Christmas Party, but in fact we gathered to nurture a Hungarian tradition which is that on 6th of December Santa (Mikulas, as we call him) visit the children during the night and he leaves a little treat behind. In order to get something you have to clean and polish your shoes, boots and put them in the window. And be a good girl or a good boy all year, of course 🙂


These are basic vanilla cupcakes filled with little jam inside and frosted with whipped cream coloured and flavoured with strawberry icing sugar (only 2-3 Tbsp, a whole pack would be killer sweet). I placed my fondant Santa hats and sprinkled with edible snowflakes.



My daughter also made a special Santa hat, that I want to share with you, I think it’s very cute 🙂





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