Coffee And Walnuts Mini Cakes

DSC_3037 - Copy

There is a lovely magazine called Daphne’s Diary where I found these pumpkins. I enjoyed cutting out and putting them together.

DSC_3034 - Copy

Since lately I don’t make cake toppers from fondant too often (which means less sugar intake for my kids, so overall is not a bad thing), I thought I will use the pumpkins on something because they compliment autumn so well.

DSC_3033 - Copy

Now about the cake. For a change I didn’t bake these, but bought a finest quality Coffee and Walnut cake from the store and using a round food ring I cut out four identical mini cakes and placed the paper pumpkins on top. I chose coffee and walnut cake because the flavour and colours fits this season perfectly.

DSC_3029 - Copy

DSC_3052 - Copy

DSC_3033 - Copy

DSC_3028 - Copy


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