Celebration Cake for the Preschool Leavers in July 2014


Finally I can post this cake, because unfortunately these photos were trapped on my computer and didn’t have access to them before. Now my computer is fixed and back from the service and all is good again.


So, I made this cake as a thank you from me to the staff of Bar Hill Preschool in July for the leavers party. My son was amongst them 🙂 This cake was shared on the party so all the kids and their families could have a little bite.


I made a white sponge filled with mascarpone cream cheese and fresh strawberries….or so I remember. I hope I remember correctly, as it seems ages ago… 🙂
I covered with red fondant and I also reproduced the Preschool Logo, which is the standing teachers and 7 kids between them. Everything looked ok except for the red fondant. It started sweating shortly after I finished and it looked horrible. I think, no, I KNOW that I will never make a red cake again. Ever! There is something wrong with red fondant, and I will not take the chance ever again! People kept saying it looks beautiful, but all I could see was a total disaster. For me this did not came up to my standards, not even close, but there was nothing I could do to fix it. Oh, and by the way my oven just broke down 2 days before baking this, so I had to go bake at my friend’s house and use her oven, which for me did not turn out well either. You have to get used with on oven, but I had no time because I made a promise and I was determined to keep it. All and all I have to say this cake was one of the unluckiest creations I made in a long time 🙂

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