French Creamy Pastry (some call it Napoleon)


Francia kremes -is the Hungarian name for this very delicious cake. It is light as a feather, creamy, yummy, not too sweet, and when you had a slice you will be begging for more! 🙂


I made this French Creamy Pastry on a Thursday afternoon. Just like that. Didn’t need much preparation, because I used ready rolled pastry sheet, which I left on the kitchen counter for about an hour to defrost. The cream is a light vanilla cream used in Hungarian cake recipes. Just needed milk to whip up. My personal extra touch to this desert was the whipped double cream as a second layer underneath the top pastry cap.



I’m not quiet sure this cake IS the Napoleon though! I googled the Hungarian name for it but what I found does not look like my cake at all. Well, I let you decide….

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