Birthday Cake For The Men In My Life


August was a busy month in our family calendar, because my son (4), my husband (37) and both of my brothers (25 and 38) were born in August. In fact, that’s not all, because my dad was also born in August, but has passed away years ago, and my husband’s grandfather celebrates his birthday also in August, and my daughter’s godfather too. So, there we are a family full with men born in August 🙂


Right, the cake! My new oven is a disaster. Short. The old one broke down few weeks ago and the new one is not up to my standards. Frankly is not up to any standard! I tried to bake and every time something went wrong. Very wrong. I am disappointed and I keep trying to get used with it, but so far all my cakes with the new oven have been ruined.
This cake was easy to make, because I baked a chocolate cake then I crumbled it all and mixed the crumbs with chopped, roasted hazelnuts, little cream to be a little sticky, then I made it into a dough, and pressed it in a baking tin. I put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then turned it out on a plate and iced with white chocolate cream.


My younger brother and my son by the cake.



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