Maria’s Christening Cake


I made this cake as a gift for a 2 months old little girl called Maria. She is the daughter of our friends, and we were invited to her christening in Cambridge on Easter Sunday. (By the way, no cakes and cupcakes made for this Easter, because I literally had no time to do anything else surrounded with my 3 kids…. 🙂 ) 




I baked two round cakes of two different sizes and stacked them on top of each other. I used an old sponge cake recipe, using only 8 eggs + 8 full table spoon of plain flour + 8 full spoon of brown sugar, and that’s it for the cake.







To make the filling I made a white chocolate ganache using 600 ml of double cream + 300 g of white chocolate + pink gel colour.




I covered the cake first with a layer of delicious almond marzipan then finally with white fondant.



I made the butterfly on top from royal icing with the technique called Australian Lace. 



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