Double Chocolate Ruffle Cake With Real Roses



…or should I call it triple chocolate cake maybe because this cake has white chocolate and milk chocolate filling and it is finished with chocolate flavour fondant. Yumm…it WAS good!







March is my birthday month and I planed to make a nice chocolate cake for the family not particularly on my birthday, but any time as soon as I find roses that will match my expectations. I had a picture in my head as of how this cake should look, and I was looking in store for flowers every day for like a week. Then I found these beautiful yellow roses with orange edges. And that was it. I think they looked pretty on top of my ruffle chocolate cake.


I never made ruffle fondant before, so this would be my first attempt, but not last, because I want to do something similar on my daughter’s birthday, only in a different colour and theme. So this was my practice. It could have been better, but overall I was pleased with the final outcome. And the cake was delicious. Even the chocolate fondant! I usually never eat the fondant from any cake, but this actually tasted good. Funny enough, my daughter always eats the fondant from cakes, but NOT this one 😀



As a finishing touch I painted the edges of the ruffles with edible gold lustre.


To make this cake I used 3 different size pans. I made the batter from 8 eggs + 8 hipped tablespoons of sugar + 8 hipped tablespoons of flour + pinch of salt. And that’s it!
The filling is made from 150 g of white chocolate melted in 300 ml of double cream, and 150 g of milk chocolate melted in 300 ml of double cream. Oh, Heaven!




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