Mozartkugeln Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes


When shopping in Austria just before New Years Eve I bought a package of Mozartkugeln and Mozarttaller chocolate and I new I will use them to make some kind of desert. I choose to make Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes in the end.




Very easy to make and not time consuming at all.


-2 packs of Mascarpone cream cheese (250 g each)
-100 ml double cream
-100 g melted butter
-300 g melted milk chocolate
-150 g melted dark chocolate
-2 packs of Oreo biscuits (154 g each)

Line the cupcake tray with cupcakes cases. Smash the biscuits in the food processor then pour in the melted butter. Combine, then divide the mixture in the cupcake cases. Tap down and put it to cool in the fridge for like an hour.
Beat the Mascarpone and double cream, add the melted (should be cool already) milk chocolate and give it a stir until well combined. I didn’t use an electric mixture at all, a wooden spoon is just as good. Divide the cream in the cupcake cases on top of the crashed biscuits. Level the top then pour the melted dark chocolate. If you want decoration now is the time to put it on or otherwise the chocolate will get hard on the top in no time. These little cheesecakes are ready for eating next day, or in about 4-6 hours, because if they stay in cool for few hours they taste better.




I put a Mozartkugeln on top of my mini cheesecakes. Mozartkugeln is a praline with marzipan and bitter-sweet dark chocolate. The Mozarttaller is basically Mozartkugel chocolate transformed into a medal form.






Few images of the chocolates:





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