Tiramisu lovers, you will absolutely LOVE These!


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like Tiramisu? Surely no one, and certainly it isn’t you since you read this which means you stopped by and that can only mean one thing: you love Tiramisu just like me! Busted 🙂


But hey, do I blame you? How can I, when I could eat Tiramisu every day at any occasion. No wonder that I have had this Tiramisu Cupcake “making plan” in my mind for a long time, but it only happened on the last week. I waited too long, way too long to make these, and I can’t really explain why? I guess I thought it will be complicated or time consuming or whatever, but honestly, these Tiramisu Cupcakes where easy and simple and so delicious that my husband and I ate them all in the course of 24 hours.

Ok, the children ate some too, and before you raise your eyebrows, no, their cupcakes did not have rum 🙂


To make these I baked a batch of my usual vanilla cupcakes (You know, the one from Laura Vitale’s kitchen recipes. I will not insert the recipe for that except if someone asks for it.)

After they have cooled completely, I cored the cupcakes and sprinkled 2-3 tsp of Rum + Coffe mixture on each. I filled them with Tiramisu cream making a flat surface on top. To make the cream I whipped 250 gr mascarpone cream cheese and 300 ml double cream + 2 tbsp of powder sugar and about 200 ml Madagascan Vanilla Custard. But, next time I want to make a proper Tiramisu cream which is made with eggs. This time though I used ready made vanilla custard because of my lack of time but it was very delicious anyway.


I sifted the cocoa powder on top using a stencil.


I tried the chandelier stencil too, but eventually I gave up the idea because I wanted more cocoa powder on top.




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