Strawberry Cupcakes Filled With Cream and Strawberries


I made these for someone last weekend. She wanted it to be filled with cream inside the cake rather then frosted. I do like a good cupcake that has creamy filling underneath the icing, and I think these came out pretty good!


I used my ever so popular vanilla cupcake from Laura Vitale’s Kitchen, so I will not write the recipe. I did few modifications though.

I add a cup of fresh strawberries to the batter, and after baking and cooling down, I cored each cupcake and filled them with a slice of strawberry and fresh cream which I previously whipped with strawberry flavoured icing sugar.


To decorate the cupcakes I used white sugarpaste/fondant and some glitter.

DSC_9002 I took these 2 cupcakes aside and made them to my husband who absolutely preferres a tall, extra creamy cupcake with fresh fruits versus a shallow, flat one iced with fondant. And so do I….


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