Porsche PS 356…sort of Cake :-)





Finally I made it! My son’s Birthday Cake that is. He turned 3 on the 10th of August, but since I don’t have all the time in the world with 3 children including a 3 months old, this cake could not – well, I could not made it in time for his birthday. And also, we were away from home on his birthday. I see this happening every year ever since he was born, so it looks like the chances are low for my boy to have a birthday cake made by me on his actual birth day because we usually are not home in August. To make it up for him I made what he likes the most: a Car Cake, and not just a car, it is a Yellow Car, because he just loves all sort of yellow cars. To try on a Porsche…well that was just me 🙂

It’s not the most successful cake in the world, but important is that my son really loved it and the expression on his face worth all the trouble 🙂 Image


To make this cake I baked a large Madeira cake using 8 eggs, and I filled it with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam. Although buttercream filling in a cake is not our favorite, it came out pretty good and everyone liked it.





DSC_8903 DSC_8905 DSC_8911 DSC_8917 DSC_8929


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