Strawberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Meringue Frosting


These cupcakes are made using my basic vanilla cupcake recipe of Laura Vitale’s Kitchen, but of course with a few changes.


First of all I used 600 gr of fresh strawberries overall to make these. About half in the batter and the other half in the meringue.


Why I made strawberry meringue? Simple: I had leftover egg whites (four to be specific), and I wanted to get rid of it, but since I try to NOT to throw out any food I came up with the whole cupcake idea with the strawberry meringue which reminded me of my childhood when my grandmother used to make us strawberry and raspberry meringues every summer…


What you can’t see but you could feel wonderfully when eating was the 100 gr of white chocolate chips combined with the strawberry in the cake. Hm… yum!

And now last but not least let me introduce my little baby girl, Tamara, who is 3 weeks and 2 days old, she was born on the 11th of June in a very speedy way! She is a real joy in our family πŸ™‚



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