Elderflower Cupcakes


We are currently in the middle of the elderflower season, the whole village is full, and I mean F.U.L.L. with these lovely smelling elderflower bushes. I only have to step out from the house to pick a whole bucket.


Last year I wanted so much to try and bake cupcakes with elderflower, but for some reason I just missed it, but not this time! And I haven’t only made cupcakes but we picked more flowers and my Mum and I made Elderflower Cordial then my Mum made pancakes, which I must say turned out so delicious that it beat my cupcakes, not that we were on a contest or anything 🙂


Anyway, the cupcakes were good too, so if you fancy something different, little out of the ordinary this is a recipe for you to try!


I followed the Elderflower Cupcakes recipe from Waitrose.com, so I will not write it down. The only change that I made (because I just can’t stop myself of changing something!) is that I used only 2 eggs (well I realised I haven’t got more…), and I used more Elderflower Cordial than given in the recipe, but my main change was that I used real flowers in the batter. I think I used about 5 flowers (I cut the little white flowers of the veins and stirred in the batter), it gave a real, authentic taste, way better than just using the cordial for flavouring.



…and, I’m sure you see that there is a bottle of beer next to the Cordial, hm….what else than…of course, is Elderflower Beer, which is a must on a hot summer afternoon when enjoying Elderflower Cupcakes 🙂


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