Rustic Pink Ombre Cake


I meant to make this for a long time and now finally the time has come last weekend.


This cake takes a little more time to make because the layers have to be baked separately. I had to divide the batter into 4 equal amounts and then I add the pink food color drop by drop, and more and more into each bowl until I got 4 different shades of pink.


The filling is a Dr.Oetker cream which I bought from Budapest on my last visit. This is a light and fluffy cottage cheese cream with a hint of lemon. I didn’t add cottage cheese to it but instead I add Ricotta Cheese and I think the result is even better this way. For my Hungarian readers I can tell that the name of this cream is “Turos Tortakrem”.


The pink daisies on top of this cake I made for my daughter as she asked me few weeks ago to make her a nice cake with pink flowers on top. So I had them made and left them dry in an airtight container and now I used them on this Ombre Cake. It was perfect since my sugar paste daisies were also painted in different shades of pink.

I covered the cake in a rustic way with the white cheese cream, I only wish I had more left over to make it even better.


So I made my daughter’s wish come true and she was happy with it especially that is her 6th Birthday tomorrow and we sort of had this cake for her Birthday within the family. Another cake will come on Saturday when she will have a few close friends coming over for a tiny little Birthday Party. Really tiny as I am 35 weeks pregnant and I don’t feel up to host a large Birthday Party this time. So my next post will be about cakes and other stuff from Szonja’s 6th Birthday which I can already tell involves lots of butterflies 🙂



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