Brush Embroidery Cookies


As I mentioned in my previous post (Australian Lace Butterfly Cupcakes) I had lots of left over royal icing from making the lace butterflies the other day. Didn’t want to throw it out, or should I say not all anyway, because after painting these biscuits I still had a lot left. It was my first time to make royal icing, next time I will probably know that one egg and less sugar is more than enough for a small project…


I had Digestive Biscuits in my cupboard so there was no need to actually bake this time. I covered few with 3 different shades of pink fondant and using a small PME piping tip (nr 2) I started to pipe on the fondant then with a fine paint brush I finished the design.




My photo version, but I couldn’t apply my watermark on this one, that’s only available on my husband computer.



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