Australian Lace Butterfly Cupcakes


My daughter’s birthday is coming in April and we talked about having a butterfly themed birthday for her. This is how I came across a youtube video about how to make Australian Lace butterflies piped from Royal Icing. Very beautiful and very easy!


I made these cupcakes for a farewell party of my son’s preschool teacher. She was also my daughter’s teacher and she will be very much missed and thought I make her something special as a thank you gift.


For this occasion I baked my so loved chocolate cake recipe and for the frosting I made pink ganache cream from double cream and pink strawberry flavored chocolate buttons.
Sadly I must admit that my cupcakes didn’t come out as usually. I really don’t know why…..or maybe because this time I only made a half batch using half of the quantity of everything. Could this be the reason it didn’t come out as good as always? That’s just too bad especially that I was confident with this recipe and expected the best, and never failed with it before.
To pipe the butterflies I made Royal Icing from 2 egg whites and 500 gr of icing sugar and juice squeezed from half of lemon. To be honest I ended up with a large amount of royal icing, far more than I needed (that’s why you will find cookies decorated with left over royal icing using brush embroidery in my next post 🙂 .
Before I was a total virgin when it comes to royal icing, this was my first attempt. It is easy to make it, I used my electric mixer fitted with a stand. I let it make the hard work for about 30-40 minutes or so, my only task was to add the sugar with a spoon for time to time. Easy but messy! My kitchen was covered with sugar dust after this in spite of being careful. But all in all it was worth the trouble, my butterflies were fine, delicate and not one has broken, so I was pleased in the end.
My husband shoots the photos for me but sometimes I make few photos too 🙂
This is a good close up from a lace butterfly.
The cupcakes are ready to be delivered 🙂

3 thoughts on “Australian Lace Butterfly Cupcakes

    1. Hi Clara,

      I made this cream using pink strawberry flavoured chocolate, which by the way are not available anymore at my store, but it can be made of white chocolate and few drops of pink food colour.

      To make a good amount of pink ganache, you will need a can of 600 ml double cream, 200 g white chocolate and pink food colour (adding drop by drop until you reach the desired shade of pink).

      If you need less ganache then you need to adjust the amount of chocolate too. For example 300 ml double cream and 100 g chocolate.

      To make the white chocolate cream, you need to warm the double cream and melt the chocolate in the warm cream, then let it cool and keep it in the fridge for overnight. Beat the next day, and also just add the pink colour when beating.

      Hope you will like it!


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