Cupcakes decorated with Kalocsa Embroidery for Women’s Day


Today I am mainly referring to my Hungarian lady friends and relatives, and those ladies who follow my blog. 8th of March is the day when we celebrate Women’s Day every year. Dads, brothers, cousins, husbands and boyfriends usually give flowers to the women on this day. This is different from Mother’s day because on 8th of March all the Ladies count, young or old, mother or childless 🙂


For this occasion I thought of making these really special cupcakes with Kalocsa decoration which I’m sure every Hungarian Lady will recognize 🙂


Little bit of history…
Kalocsa is one of the oldest towns in Hungary and lies approximately 118 km (73 mi) south of Budapest on the east side of the Danube.
It is a famous place when it comes to tradition specially known by  Kalocsa Embroidery. The art of Kalocsa Embroidery was born in the second half of the 19th century. Originally the needlework was only white and the embroidery patterns were merely made up by holes.
The pattern I used to make my cupcakes:
Kalocsa Embroidery
Kalocsa Embroidery
For the cupcake I baked my favourite vanilla recipe from Laura Vitale’s Kitchen. After they cooled completly I cored and filled them with cherry cake filling then put the icing sugar on top to have a smooth, even and white background for the Kalocsa Embroidery.
The sugar paste embroidery was not to hard to do but time consuming because I didn’t have fondant cutters for this type of decoration so I had to draw and cut them myself using a toothpick. Yeah, it took some time as you can imagine but totally worth it!
So, Ladies have a happy Women’s Day! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Cupcakes decorated with Kalocsa Embroidery for Women’s Day

  1. They are absolutely beautiful. It was a lot of hard work, and must take you many hours to
    complete. I envy your talent and patience to be able to do this wonderful display of Hungarian
    folk art on your cookies. (I would have a hart time eating them, I would want to preserve them
    forever.) Congratjulations again. Sari Petro from San Diego


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