Petit Fours or Mignons as others would call it for Mother’s Day


I always thought these are called Mignons until recently when I found out that Petit Fours is much more commonly used.

I made them for the coming Mother’s Day. Yeah, actually I made them before Mother’s Day but this is irrelevant for me as my mother lives so far from us and I won’t see her on Mother’s  Day anyway, so why wait? 🙂 And another reason was that I was very anxious to try out covering cakes with melted fondant. This is why I choose to make these tiny Petit Fours.


I can say now that melting the fondant in the microwave works fine although in my case I need to improve a little because the coating wasn’t perfect.


I didn’t bake it but bought an Angel Cake -well, it was more like Angel Cake pieces in a box. You know, upper half pink sponge, bottom half white sponge sandwiched together with vanilla butter cream….Easy to make it yourself but I was too tired to bake this weekend. I cut the cake pieces in even smaller pieces then poured the soft, melted light blue fondant icing on them over a cooling rack. Before they got completely dry I placed the fondant flowers that I previously made last week.



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