Rose Water Valentine’s Cupcakes


Finally made them!

I was looking for rose water for some time and then suddenly Tesco started to sell it. I was very excited to bake the rose water cupcakes BUT….. they didn’t came out the way I expected. I don’t know… they were just not that extravagant as I expected…. Could be that my expectations were too high but since roses are so elegant and beautiful flowers and smelling soooo amazing I thought that a cake with rose water essence must be just as delicious and special as the flowers themselves. Or, maybe the recipe was not the best…that’s always possible!

Anyway, the look of these cupcakes pleased me a lot, and I had fun making the sugar-paste roses. All in all I don’t regret a minute of what I spent with them.

Many thanks for my husband for these really beautiful pictures! 🙂Image

I thought about sharing the recipe I used but decided better not because as I said I wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome, so if you are looking for a great rose water cupcake recipe then just keep on looking until you find the best for you.



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