It’s a GIRL! Hurray!!!


It’s been quite a long time since I last came here and posted anything. I had my reasons of course…First of all there has been a big discovery within the family which is that we are expecting a new baby! Totally unexpected but Hey, I guess this is what life is all about: unexpected things can be expected to happen any time! And that’s exactly what happened to us with this baby.


Now everything seems to have settled and we are looking forward to it. My Daughter was super excited of the prospect of having a new sibling and she was absolutely sure that she’ll have a baby sister this time. And guess who was right? Yes, it’s a GIRL! Now we have some issues finding a name for HER but I’m sure we will come up with something eventually.


This batch of cupcakes I made especially to break the news of the sex. I made them 3 weeks ago, when I was 20 weeks pregnant, that makes me 23 weeks now, still a long way to go…

For the Christmas holidays we’ve been away at my in law’s, so I didn’t bake too much in the past weeks. Also because I need to watch my weight and with lots of cakes around me it would be impossible, specially that I have a really sweet tooth in this pregnancy! So that means I probably won’t bake as much as normally would in the coming months too.

But who knows, maybe I will 🙂



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