Carrot & Pecan Nuts Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting


Has anyone noticed that recently all my photos have a watermark with my name? My younger brother designed it who is a Tattoo Artist by the way  (PikPakk Tattoo) -and a very talented one! I’m very grateful to him and I’m pleased with the result, now I have to think how to change all my old photos to the same photos but with my signature on the corner…

Back to the cupcakes, I just love this recipe it’s so easy to make AND it fits so much in this season. I’ve been saving these dark chocolate leafs in my kitchen cupboard for about 4 moths and waited especially for the Autumn to use them 🙂


Next time I will share with you few more variety of designs on the same Carrot and Pecan cupcakes and will brig the recipe too…..



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