Blue Cake and Toy Cars -2nd Birthday Party part 1


Cars, cars, and more cars….. these are what Oliver likes the most!!! His very first word was CAR and he learned how to crawl around 4 months old when trying to reach Szonja’s big pink Barbie car. Ever since then he can be seen surrounded and hands full with cars even out and about. So I knew instantly that I’m going to make him a cars related birthday cake and cupcakes with little cars. And that’s the story 🙂
The cake is a classic sponge (based on my old Hungarian recipe book). You only need:
6 eggs
6 TBS of sugar
6 TBS of flour
and a pinch of salt
I made a pale blue chocolate cream, ganache is what they call it. I used 2 bars of Swiss White Chocolate and a 600 ml pot of Heavy Cream, and to make it blue I used baby blue food colour.
The boy on the cake is my first attempt to make a figure, a person out of sugar paste, so it’s not quite perfect 🙂
Here is my happy little guy in the center of attention, something that he really enjoys 🙂
Oliver had a soft comforter toy which he used to sleep with. Used to….. unfortunately we just lost it a week ago 😦 I was very saddened by this and tried to find it but someone must have snatch it from to ground right away after we dropped it. It only took a few minutes and steps to realize we lost it, we followed back our way to find it but it was gone by then.
We called it Csicsi. I made a replica of Csicsi and meant to put it on his Birthday cake, but since we lost it and he (and I) was over the shock I didn’t put it on the cake after all, but packed it away as a souvenir.
Bye bye Csicsi…

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