Blue Cake and Toy Cars -2nd Birthday Party part 1


Cars, cars, and more cars….. these are what Oliver likes the most!!! His very first word was CAR and he learned how to crawl around 4 months old when trying to reach Szonja’s big pink Barbie car. Ever since then he can be seen surrounded and hands full with cars even out and about. So I knew instantly that I’m going to make him a cars related birthday cake and cupcakes with little cars. And that’s the story 🙂
The cake is a classic sponge (based on my old Hungarian recipe book). You only need:
6 eggs
6 TBS of sugar
6 TBS of flour
and a pinch of salt
I made a pale blue chocolate cream, ganache is what they call it. I used 2 bars of Swiss White Chocolate and a 600 ml pot of Heavy Cream, and to make it blue I used baby blue food colour.
The boy on the cake is my first attempt to make a figure, a person out of sugar paste, so it’s not quite perfect 🙂
Here is my happy little guy in the center of attention, something that he really enjoys 🙂
Oliver had a soft comforter toy which he used to sleep with. Used to….. unfortunately we just lost it a week ago 😦 I was very saddened by this and tried to find it but someone must have snatch it from to ground right away after we dropped it. It only took a few minutes and steps to realize we lost it, we followed back our way to find it but it was gone by then.
We called it Csicsi. I made a replica of Csicsi and meant to put it on his Birthday cake, but since we lost it and he (and I) was over the shock I didn’t put it on the cake after all, but packed it away as a souvenir.
Bye bye Csicsi…

4 thoughts on “Blue Cake and Toy Cars -2nd Birthday Party part 1

  1. hi I am looing to learn to make the above cake, can you please give more details on how to make the blue cream?I am completely beginner please.


    1. Hi, I am happy to help you!

      I used 200 g white chocolate and 600 ml double cream and few drops of baby blue food color. To fill your cake with this cream, you need to prepare it the day before. Pour the double cream in a pot and warm it up on the stove, it shouldn’t get close to boiling, it only needs to be warm enough to melt the chocolate. Break the chocolate in pieces and put it in the warm cream, stir until completely melted. Put it aside to cool, then place it in the fridge and leave it there til next day. When you want to fill the cake, add the blue color to the cream, only 1-2 drops first, and check, if you want it darker, then add more. While whipping the cream it will get a bit lighter, but after filling the cake the final shade might get darker, so make sure you only add as much food color as deep of a blue you want.
      I hope this helped! Cristina


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