Apple and Spices Cupcakes with Mini Racing Cars – 2nd Birthday Party part 2


I baked a batch of Apples and Spices cupcakes for a change, iced them with lemon flavour icing then placed the racing cars on top. I found the recipe on the net somewhere, but sadly I forgot to save it for later, so I can’t share it with you, but I’m sure you can easily find one too.


Anyway, you can use a plain vanilla recipe for this, but add to the flour mixture 2 tsp of spice mix or just cinnamon if you like. Peel 2 apples and chop them really small (use a grater), pour half the juice of a lemon to stop it from getting brown. When filling the cupcake cases with the batter, put only half of the amount in each case, then put a tsp of grated apple, then finish filling with the remaining cake batter (but overall must not be more then 3/4 full!)



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