White Chocolate chips Vanilla cupcake with Mandarin cream frosting


Hey Guys, I’m back! It’s been really wonderful to be away from home for a while and be around family for the summer. We had looooots of sunshine and NOT ONE drop of rain! Just the way I like it! Yuhuuuuu! Just before we left my daughter got the chickenpox and about the time it was over for her my son has got it too! This made thing a little difficult as Oliver couldn’t leave my Mum’s house for all those days we were visiting her but at least he didn’t really care although the poor thing was all covered with spots. Anyways it’s over now, chickenpox Goodbye forever! 🙂

School has started now for Szonja and preschool for Oliver, they are both happy about it. Now I have some time to get back to my blog and show you few pictures about my recently baked cupcakes.


This time I made a vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate chips and Mandarin cream frosting, and I put a butterfly shaped chocolate on top which was filled inside with smooth caramel. The mandarins were slightly bitter but I compensated it with little powder sugar and few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The result was very good! As for the cupcake I made my usual vanilla recipe + added 100 gr of white chocolate chips to the batter. Really yummy!




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