Redcurrant Cupcakes



I wanted to make something new so I went to the shops and looked at the fruits but could only find the regulars so I ended at the isle where you can find the conserves. That’s how I found the Redcurrant Sauce and thought I’ll give it a try. I used one little jar and divided the sauce between the batter and the frosting too.
The frosting it’s made from  whipped Double Cream + Mascarpone cream cheese + 1 tablespoon Redcurrant sauce + 1 tablespoon powder sugar (I also put few drops of red food colour to make the pink more intense).
I had half of the whipped cream put aside and when piping the frosting on the cupcakes I filled the piping bag half side white cream and other half side pink cream and this is how I got this two coloured swirls.
Ah, and I tried out a new technique (well, new for me only of course),but had to be really quick with that photo shoot because the dusting sugar disappeared almost instantly from the top…
The cupcakes are a simple vanilla cake recipe which I usually use as a base (my favourite is Laura Vitale’s recipe from Laura Vitale’s Kitchen: Raspberry Cupcakes -you just can’t go wrong with that!!!) – and I just stirred in the end 3/4 jar Redcurrant sauce -you can see the jar in the picture.

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