Palm trees. Sea. Sand. Holiday….


Palm trees, sea, sand, holiday….

….I wish 🙂
None of these are in the cards for me this year, but that doesn’t stop me of constantly thinking of it, ha-ha 🙂 Oh, well, we WILL go on a holiday, and it WILL be fantastic since we are visiting our families abroad who we miss terribly, but I still feel little sorry that we won’t go to a beach holiday this year, but not possible, so that’s it. I’m already making my plans for next year though 🙂
If the English summer would be better and not constantly raining almost every single day, we could have at least go to the English beaches as we usually do every year, but looks like this year it won’t happen either.
So, nice weather or bad weather, I still wanted to make some holiday themed cupcakes, especially that the ones I made last year were a big hit!
I baked the usual vanilla cupcake recipe from Laura Vitale in the kitchen, with only few personal touches, like I put dark chocolate chips in the batter and for the topping I made chestnut cream to look like sand + my beach holiday themed sugar-paste decorations.
The chestnut cream is made from 600 ml whipped double cream together with 250 gr of chestnut puree. My chestnut puree is from Hungary and is very delicious, sweet, so no need to add any sugar. I just found here in Tesco’s at World’s Food section canned chestnut puree, I haven’t tried it yet, but I was very happy of my discovery!
These ones I’ve made last summer, those tiny flip-flops were my biggest challenge so far… 🙂

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