Think Blue :-)


I had to use up my leftover blue chocolate cream from last week’s Wild Rose project. I also had leftover decorations, like pink and white fondant roses that I had to use before they would go bad. Would have been a waist which I can not let happen, my everyday motto being “We are not waisting any food. Ever!”





This being said, it just happened to have in the kitchen cupboard a box of cake mix (yes, not like me at all, because I don’t like them!), so I quickly baked it and in no time at all I had 7 cupcakes on my table today. It was very convenient for what I had in mind.

I swirled the blue cream on them and decorated the cupcakes with my decorations, and VOILA!


And, this little guy down here, has a fragile chocolate butterfly on top. I melted a little dark chocolate, put it in a piping bag, and using a small tip I made this butterfly on a piece of baking paper, then put it in the freezer to get hard again.



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