Wild Roses

We have a few bushes of wild roses near the house, and this is what inspired me, plus I’ve seen some quite similar cupcakes once on YouTube, and there we go!


I had some difficulties when making the fondant roses, because I don’t have the proper equipment. To shape the flowers I would have need a large paint palette, but don’t have it, therefor I used an old chocolate box I saved from Christmas. I let the flowers dry for a week before baking the cupcakes and decorating them.
I wish the cream would be more blue and not so green..ish as they look 🙂 but I don’t seem to get it right. It must be the white chocolate that has a little yellow colour, and adding the blue food colour it ends up more like green instead of blue. I’m sure that it would came out perfect in buttercream though…
For this cake I used my favourite vanilla recipe which can be found on Laura Vitale’s cooking blog. I’m so happy ever since I’ve found it, because my vanilla cupcakes with this recipe are really delicious!
I made a twist with these Wild Roses cupcakes, and instead of using regular milk I used coconut milk (from coconut milk powder), and I got that light coconut flavour I wanted, but my cakes were slightly dry, so next time if I want coconut flavour to my cupcakes I’ll need to do it differently 🙂

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