Father’s Day – Russian Cream Mini Cakes


Russian Cream cake- this title would sound great, but truth is this is not a Russian recipe. It is Hungarian and comes from a chef named Oroszi. The cake he made has been named after him only it’s been shortened to Orosz, which translated to English means Russian. So the correct name for this cake here should be Orosz Cream Cake, since the original name is Oroszkrémtorta, but I agree that in English, Russian Cream Cake sounds more appealing 🙂

I baked this particulary cake for Father’s day, because this is my husband’s favourite cake, but instead of making one big cake, I chose to make mini cakes. I found mini cakes to be more fun somehow, they just look so pretty.


The base is a classic sponge cake which is really easy. The filling cream is made from vanilla custard, previously boiled raisins, rum and whipped cream, and all mixed together. On the top I put a generous amount of whipped cream and decorated it with chocolate swirls (it was my very first attempt to modelling chocolate, so I tried the white chocolate, and dark chocolate and milk chocolate as well).

I made one single rose too from chocolate, just to see how does it look 🙂



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