Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Cupcakes

Today was the Jubilee celebration in Szonja’s school. They had a little party, dressed up in smart clothes and shared some party food with each other. I decided to bake some themed cupcakes for this occasion and I chose a Red Velvet cake recipe which I’ve already baked before. Since for me a cupcake HAS TO HAS cream on top or at least inside of it (well for me this is an absolute MUST !) otherwise I find it too dry, I filled these cupcakes under the sugar-paste icing with cream cheese, which I made from Mascarpone and double cream with a hint of sugar. I think it came out pretty good 🙂

We took them to school this morning, but I was a bit worried because when I saw them this morning on the kitchen counter my heartbeat skipped for a second…I saw that the red decorations started to melt down! Ah, God, I just remembered that I used that red sugar-paste which has already done this to me before on a previous occasion, only that by then it melted on my cakes in just a couple of hours (and melted like flowing down! ), but now it stayed on the cakes for the night and the situation wasn’t by far so bad luckily…Well, I quickly took them out from the airtight container and put them in the cardboard cake box and hoped that the condensation stopped and there would be no more damage to the cake before someone eats them. It is the last time I’m using this red sugar-paste, that’s one thing for sure! I just couldn’t figure it out yet what is wrong with it…

Anyways, here are the Jubilee Cupcakes:



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