Little Green Wedding Cake

Hi there,

It’s been a busy but really lovely and warm (FINALLY) weekend here in Cambridge. A Hungarian friend of mine, who’s also my neighbour got married yesterday, and she wanted me to make their wedding cake. I have never done a wedding cake before, but since this was a small family gathering and she asked so nicely to make it I said yes.

Therefore I made myself a similar cake for Easter, only for practicing the recipe and of course the technique.

Here comes the “sketch” cake, which was blue with spring flowers -looks a little bit like a hat 🙂 :


I used the same recipe for both, only that for the actual wedding cake I put two more eggs + the additional extra flower and sugar each in the bottom cake and top cake as well, so it raised taller. I filled them with yummy chestnut cream, which is basically chestnut puree + double cream whipped together. This is very Hungarian, and very delicious! 🙂

Here is the little green wedding cake, as it was a green coloured wedding. I made 37 white rosebuds last week, and used 31 on the cake:





My cake made it to the wedding, and the guests were delighted 🙂


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