Szonja’s 5th birthday – High Tea Party

Let me share with you Szonja’s birthday table. I have enjoyed ever so much to make these!   Image



She wanted for her party theme to have Marie Aristocats, so I set up a tea party with lots of Parisian bits and bobs, like French  labels and French accordion cafe music in the background. And of course I made her a cake with Marie on top of it! It was a white sponge filled with pink strawberry chocolate cream. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the cake inside.

Inscription next to Marie: Happines is being owned by a cat!


Made these pink heart shaped cake pops too:


The cupcakes -which I forgot to take a separate picture of- were plain vanilla cakes with buttercream frosting and I decorated them with edible pictures of Marie and some with sugar-paste roses.

There was another little cake on Szonja’s actual birthday, these is a reach chocolate cake with rosted hazelnuts, and has no cream filling. It was super delicios, I’ll make sure to remake it!


And finally here is my beautiful Birthday Girl and me 🙂



The menu was as pink as possible! I bought a varity of small pink candies and put them separately in little jars. Unbelievable, BUT these seemed to be the party’s most favourites, and they were all gone by the end. I put strawberries with small French flags. I put a melon with BBQ sticks with little cheese and cucumber cubes, cherry tomato, grapes and small piece of ham on each BBQ. I poured strawberry milkshake in little bottles -which I labeled first with each little girl’s name. And of course we had some little heart shaped butter and ham sandwiches, too. I spread on the table little China cups filled with pink flowers and small rose scented candles.


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