Busy May…

Hello there!

I’m awful sorry for not being able to post anything in the past weeks, but there has been so much going in the family, both good things and bad things. Good thing we have celebrated Szonja’s 5th Birthday with some of her friends from school, but only GIRLS, as this was -and IT REALLY WAS a very girly party! It was awesome, and they all loved it, but especially me! Ha-ha ๐Ÿ™‚ She chosen 8 little girls instead of the initial 6 I planned, but since we had the party in the house I had to draw a line because of the space issue.

A week after her birthday party she has had an accident, she fell off her scooter! Now this was horrid…I wouldn’t go into details but there was much blood, and we rushed to the Emergency Hospital with her, then she had to go to a dentist for follow up. Good thing about this, that it could have been a lot worse! She has now 3 wobbly teeth and some scars under her nose which will fade away in time hopefully, and as for her teeth, these are her milk-teeth and the doctor said that her new teeth have not been affected. I sure hope not!

I’ve been making all the decorations for Szonja’s party, and have been baking cakes and cupcakes and cake pops, etc… I’ll bring the photos as soon as I can.

Right now I’m in the middle of making my first wedding cake for a friend. It will be a small, family wedding and a good opportunity for me to challenge myself!

So, that’s it for now…



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