Introduction. Sort of…

Hello Everyone, I am finally here!

I have been thinking a lot lately whether to start a blog or not…as you can see I just did it eventually 🙂 The thing is I’ve been baking all over the last year lots of cupcakes and some regular cakes too, and I’ve just come to the conclusion that it would be nice to share more apart from posting my cupcake photos on facebook. Many people have been asking for recipes too, and it would definitely be easier to just share it on my new blog then one by one privately 🙂
It all started last March when I was preparing for my daughter’s 4th Birthday party. I was looking for some nice cake templates on the net when I came across those beautiful edible butterflies..That was it! I bought them and baked my very first cupcakes and decorated them with the colourful butterflies. The kids were delighted and so was I! It just didn’t stop there, I started to buy all kind of equipments and tools and crafts and few colours of sugarpaste, and I stared watching tutorials on YouTube about how to make a nice cupcake for various occasions. I’ve learned a lot, but there is still room enough to learn even more on the subject. But in the meantime I discovered in my self this passion for baking these yummy little cakes and the beauty and art of decorating them, which for me is the best part of the whole process.
Ha-ha, I do not have a modern kitchen, and I do not have a modern oven! Not even close….! Yet, my sweet creations do not seem to be affected by this unfortunate fact, although I do dream day by day about my perfectly equipped and perfectly functioning dream-kitchen, where I have enough storage cupboards, huge fridge and lots of space so when my two children chose to play under my feet (as they usually do) I don’t fall over. Ah, one day!
I will try to come weekly if nothing comes up, or better said as often as I bake a new batch of cupcakes, which usually happens every weekend. I will also upload some of my older cupcakes photos just to show you what I have made over the last year in case you’re interested 🙂 Right now I am busy with preparing for Szonja’s 5th Birthday party, which will give me plenty of opportunity for baking and decorating for the little Madams who she will invite for her Tea Party themed birthday party 🙂
See you soon,

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